Best Tools to use For Playing Internet Poker

Pokertracker – Cash Game Analyzer

There have been many forms of Pokertracker, first coming out with the original a few years ago, then Pokertracker 2, Pokertracker 3, and Pokertracker 4. This is something that almost all poker players have used or toyed around with at one point or another. Basically, what it does is it tracks hands throughout poker sessions, and also it tells you more in-depth how to play your best online poker. It is extremely useful for cash game players who mass multi-table especially. The reason it best suits cash game players is because it will tell you at every table a players pre-flop raise percentage, how often the player will continuation bet, and many other useful hints as to what will be the best play against that opponent. It is a computer system that you can run throughout a poker session and a system that true genius minds came together and made for poker players. But, it doesn’t take a genius to interpret data and make informed decisions. This tool is to help you out when multi-tabling because you will get a more personal look into what your opponents play like.

Also, Pokertracker 4, the newest version has everything the previous editions had, but most players like to look at graphs and go over hand histories. You can look at every hand history you had for your entire online poker playing life, and how much money you made with individual hands. Also, you can look at how you played individual hands like AA, and learn from it to do better in the future. Your expected value or EV is something most cash game players look at with frequency to see whether they are running bad or good. With so many tools, graphs, frequencies, and much more, Pokertracker is a great investment because it only costs less than $100, and it will surely pay off in the long run. It is an online poker tool that makes you better and helps you grow. There isn’t much more you can ask for, Pokertracker is extremely useful and you should purchase it.

Sharkscope – Sit n Go Tracker

Sharkscope is a free online poker tool that you can find at This is a tracking website that allows you to follow individual players or look up your own personal stats throughout poker tournaments, and sit and goes. It doesn’t track cash game profits. The only flaw about sharkscope is in re-buy tournaments it takes the average amount players rebought for and doesn’t account for your individual re-buy, so the profit isn’t an exact amount, but it is very close. Besides the one flaw everything else about sharkscope is great. You can see which players are good and which players are bad. This is always going to be something you want to keep in mind whether you play heads up sit and goes or multi-table poker tournaments. Some players will make more moves because they are running exceptionally well and you can pick them off given the information at sharkscope.

Sharkscope shows you a graph of your poker player and if you subscribe to be a full time member you can look up every game you have ever played. If you are just browsing the site to check it out, you can see the past ten games you’ve played, and also total profit. Also, you see your ROI or what is a percentage that tells you how well you are doing, your number of games played, and your average buy-in per game. This site is great to keep track of swings and also when you are playing your best and when you aren’t playing your best.

Training sites – One on One Help from Pros

There have come to be a large number of training sites out there with online poker coaches who will tell you what to adjust in your own game. These sites are good to recognize flaws in your game, and also find ways that you can improve. Some of them are rather pricy though and you may be shied away from them for that reason, but you shouldn’t be. The reason they are there is to help you become a better poker player. If you become a better poker player, you make more money and that should always be your goal. The training sites have videos posted to show correct plays in situations, and also coaches themselves that you can hire for personal use.

Some of the top poker training sites are,, These sites will help you improve your cash game skills, tournament skills, sit and go skills, and everything else relating to online poker. If you are new to online poker you should get a coach at one of these sites to help you gather a better understanding of the online poker game.


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