Best Strategy for Beating Bad Poker Players

At the poker tables you should be able to identify bad players with the least amount of poker skill with relative ease after a little while. Everything becomes easier the more hours you put in to making yourself a better poker player. The hours often translate to allow you to make more informed decisions as well as more money.

To beat bad poker players you have to first identify them and then learn how you can extract chips from them. Extracting chips is a big part of poker at any level and you have to know how to do it. The best way to extract chips from bad players is either to trap them into bluffing at you when you have a big hand, or make big bets that you know they will call when you have a big hand. Often times bluffing isn’t the best way to beat bad players unless you can put them on an exact hand.

Determine a Hand Range

If you can determine a hand range against a bad player, you should understand what that hand range can call. If you have pocket Aces or a big pocket pair before the flop and you put in a raise and get called, you can have no clue what a bad player has at times, but leading at the pot and playing through the hand you can figure it out. This means that you want to bet and determine what your opponent has on almost every flop. If it is the reverse scenario and the bad player bets you can just call with whatever hand you have and see what they do on the turn.

Important Tip: More times than not if a weak player misses the flop they may bet the flop and then check the turn. This happens tons of times in poker games, and you should realize that if you bet the turn then you win the pot a ton of the time. Weak players don’t bet twice at pots without having a big hand unless they are on tilt and throwing their stack away. This will only happen after an extended period of time, and it isn’t all too common unless you are against an aggressive bad player.

To figure out poker hand rankings most times will be as easy as paying attention to hands that they showed down previously. If they showed bad hands consistently then you can figure out that they will most likely not have premium holdings. If they show good hands consistently then you can assume they are a nit and only play big hands.

Leaving a Game Filled with Bad Players

You should almost never leave a game with bad poker players unless you are getting crushed by bad beat after bad beat. The best scenario and the scenario poker players dream about is finding bad players scattered around their table. If you want to have long term success obviously you should quit sessions if you aren’t playing your best game, but also you should keep in mind the table around you. If the table around you is giving insane action, then you want to stay. You should look to maximize profit every day and minimize loss every day. Those two things should always be at the back of your mind, and it is easy to get carried away playing poker online.

To maximize profit you should sit in games with bad players as long as your mind can handle it. To minimize loss you should only play when you are completely locked in and focused. If this is for 3-4 hours or if it is for 12 hours or more, you should only play in games when you feel a level of comfort and security. This all depends on the types of poker games you are playing.


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