Preparing for Legal Poker in the US for New Players

If you can get some free time during a weekend or if you have off from work for a couple of days, this is the best time to go get some experience. The most frequently run games in live casinos are 1/2 No limit holdem games. For those curious, an average/good pro can make $50,000 at this level, $100,000 at $2/5 and pros playing at $5/10-$10-25 make around $200,000 a year. This game has become one of the most wide spread games across the world in the past couple of years, and it is a game that you should look to practice and get better at as legalization spreads across the United States.

Poker Strategy StepsPractice, Analyze, Play, and Practice

If you want to be a top level no limit player it takes tons of hours and lots of hard work, the rewards are well worth it (freedom to live a REAL life … and money). Nothing will come over night and certainly not even in a month or two. Most of the top level players have been playing for years now and have mastered the game through tons of trial and error poker sessions.

Playing poker at a live casino helps you prepare for online play because if gives you a general gist of the game. However, live poker is extremely different from online poker in the sense that you will encounter greater bankroll swings in live poker as well as tons of nonstandard types of plays.

The main difference after gathering some experience in the live poker world and translating it to the online poker world is pre-flop aggression and also pre-flop raise sizing. In live tournaments and also live cash games, you will find that the pre-flop aggression is lower, but the pre-flop raise sizing is much higher.

When playing online, almost always you should put in minimum raises before the flop in tournaments and 3 times the blind to 4 times the blind raises in cash games. The only way you can understand the difference is truly by playing and gathering more knowledge of the game. Poker is always growing and there will always be more new faces at the tables.

If you want to be a successful new face at the poker table, you have to constantly adjust and find new ways to win.

Read Poker Books and Poker Strategy

There are tons of poker books out there today and also tons of strategy articles out there as well. To find the best book or the best articles will basically mean you want to learn something from a successful poker player. If you go in with the mindset of learning something then you will indeed learn something. If you are just reading to pass the time, and not reading to absorb information, then you are going about the game of poker the wrong way. The information in poker games and poker books is constantly changing, simply because the players who start to play are younger and younger.

The games play faster and if you are not ready to adjust consistently when you approach unfamiliar tables and players, you will surely crumble in front of them. The best plan that you can have at a poker table is to gather information, and use that information to make decisions in the future easier for you. New poker players will often times only look at their cards, but poker isn’t about what you have, it’s about what you think your opponent has.

Also, not just that, you have to think of what your opponent wants you to do and do the opposite. It’s just about that simple when it comes down to reading poker and hand situations. If you can consistently do the opposite of what your opponent wants you to do, then you will have success on your journey to start off in the poker world.

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