Dustin Schoonover Wins WSOPC Choctaw Durant Main Event

Dustin Schoonover took down the 2020 WSOPC Choctaw for more than $270,000

Dustin Schoonover entered the WSOPC Choctaw Durant Main Event on a whim and walked away as its champion. The President and CEO of Schoonover Oil intended to play cash games, but saw the tournament running and bought in.

Another 1,064 players joined Schoonover in exchanging $1,700 for a chance of glory and a WSOPC ring. This ample field created a $1,613,475 prize pool that was distributed among the top 161 finishers.

Joel Kliping was the unfortunate soul who burst the money bubble, although he didn’t go home empty-handed. Kliping three-bet all-in with ace-king after Felipe Valdez opened with ace-queen. Valdez flopped a queen and turned trips to bust Kliping on the bubble. Kliping received some prize money, however, as Matthew Bray bust on a different table during the same hand.

WSOPC Choctaw Reaches Day 3 With Only 18 Players

Players busted left, right, and center once the bubble popped. The likes of Tony Cousineau, Joe Elpayaa, and Marshall White crashed out before Day 2 ended.

All eyes were on Maurice Hawkins and Jared Jaffee as Day 3 commenced. Hawkins recently won his record 14th WSOPC ring while Jaffee has $4.56 million in winnings and a WSOP bracelet.

Jaffee’s run ended in a 14th place finish worth $18,262. Jaffee three-bet all-in with ace-king and Christopher Staats looked him up with pocket tens. The hand could have gone either way, but it was Staats who emerged from the clash unscathed. Staats flopped a set of tens and Jaffee didn’t catch up.

Hawkins crashed out in 10th place, which set the final table, Allen Brivic doing the damage.

Final Table Chip Stacks Closely Matched

Several of the nine finalists had similar chip stacks so everything was still to play for. Trung Pham was one of the shorter stacks and also the first player eliminated from the final table.

John Skrovan raised to 225,000 from under the gun during the 40,000/80,000/80,000a level. Pham re-raised all-in for 1,135,000 and Skrovan called. It was an exact replica of Jaffee’s exit hand; pocket tens versus ace-king. “Big Slick” won this time around and Pham’s tournament ended abruptly.

Austin Lewis was the next to bust, again running into ace-king. Lewis’ three-bet jam with ace-jack was the correct move, just mistimed as Mark Newton had him dominated. Neither player improved on the community cards, but Newton didn’t need to. Game over for Lewis.

The final seven became six when the excellently named Montana Bills busted out. Again, it was a coinflip that settled the score, Bills holding pocket sixes and Newton ace-king. A king on the turn was enough to win the hand for Newton and reduce the player count by one.

Straight Over Straight Send Brivic to the Rail

Hawkins’ executioner Brivic fell next. He got his chips in with pocket sevens on a Jd-Tc-8d-9h turn thinking his straight was best. He was wrong because Brant Jolly had pocket queens in the hole for a higher straight.

Prize money was no getting serious and the jumps in pay more substantial. Staats started the final table as the short stack yet managed to ladder his way to fifth-place. Staats’ king-queen lost to the pocket threes of Skrovan despite flopping an open-ended straight draw. The $73,976 Staats won pushed his lifetime earning through the $1 million barrier.

Soon after, Newton decided to jam 25 big blinds into the middle after Skrovan limped in from the small blind. Newton made his move with pocket nines and knew he was in trouble when Skrovan snap-called. Skrovan held pocket aces, which improved to a set, to see the WSOPC Choctaw Main Event edge closer to its conclusion.

Heads-Up Set in the Main Event

The elimination of Jolly sent the tournament into heads-up. It was a lucky hand, at last for Schoonover who open-pushed in the small blind with eight-five. Jolly called with queen-ten and flopped two pair. Schoonover caught a flush draw on the turn, but it was the nine on the river that gifted him an unlikely straight.

Skrovan held a massive 25,000,000 to 6,950,000 chip lead over Schoonover in a battle of the Texans. Schoonover managed to pull level before claiming the chip lead then the title.

Blinds were 150,000/300,000/300,000a during the final hand of the WSOPC Choctaw Main Event. Skrovan raised to 900,000 and Schoonover called before checking the Js-Qs-4h flop. Skrovan moved all-in and Schoonover beat him into the pot with a call.

Five-three was all Skrovan could muster with Schoonover showing queen-jack. No help arrived for the trailing hand and he had to console himself with the $168,642 runner-up prize.

WSOPC Choctaw Durant Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Home Town Prize
1 Dustin Schoonover Midlothian, Texas $272,846
2 John Skrovan Austin, Texas $168,642
3 Brant Jolly Fayetteville, Arkansas $126,988
4 Mark Newton Ada, Oklahoma $96,485
5 Christopher Staats Oklahoma City, Oklahoma $73,976
6 Allen Brivic Houston, Texas $57,239
7 Montana Bills Fort Scott, Kansas $44,699
8 Austin Lewis Lantana, Texas $35,233
9 Trung Pham Oklahoma City, Oklahoma $28,034
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