Will Kassouf Turns €109 Into €215,163 at partypoker

Will Kassouf won the Irish Poker Masters Main Event for more than ?215,000

Will Kassouf is a polarizing figure but you can’t deny the man has poker skills. Kassouf showcased those skills this week in the Irish Poker Masters Main Event at partypoker.

The British grinder, who is a fully trained solicitor, won a €1,100 seat via a €109 satellite. He went on to turn that satellite entry into a title and €215,163 in prize money.

IPM Main Event Final Table Results; Kassouf Wins


Place Player Country
1 Will Kassouf United Kingdom €215,163
2 Manuel Ruivo Netherlands €148,042
3 Samuel Vousden Finland €101,620
4 Anton Siden Sweden €66,267
5 Julien Perouse Canada €45,290
6 Luc Van Der Beek Netherlands €34,894
7 Michael Deinlein Germany €27,433
8 Dante Fernandes Brazil €21,661
9 Jessica Teusl Austria €17,025

Some 1,341 players bought in over the course of two starting flights. Day 2 whittled the field further to only 37 and they played to the nine-handed final table on Day 2. That final table took place online on December 16.

Jessica Teusl fell in ninth-place and the tournament became an all-male affair. Teusl entered the final table as the shortest stack and couldn’t improve her position. She thought she’d found a spot to win some chips when Luc Van Der Beek opened with a raise. Teusl looked down at As-Js and three-bet all-in for 15 big blinds. Van Der Beek called with Ad-Kc. Big Slick held and Teusl busted.

Brazil’s Dante Fernandes ran out of steam and luck in a hand against Samuel Vousden. Fernandez raised to 1,260,000 with 9c-9s from under the gun. Vousden three-bet to 3,800,000 in the big blind with As-Ad before calling when Fernandez jammed for 15,394,732. Vousden flopped a set and hit a full house on the river.

Cooler Hand Busts Deinlein

Michael Deinlein can count himself unlucky to fall in seventh. His exit hand started with a raise to 1,540,000 from the cutoff with Ad-2d. Anton Siden called in the big blind with 7h-6d. The 5c-Kd-3s flop saw Siden check, Deinlein bet 1,330,000 and Siden check-raise to 4,550,000. Deinlein called. The 4c turn gifted both players a straight, but Siden’s was best. Siden led for 6,969,525 and was called. He moved all-in on the Kc river and Deinlein called off his 20,317,335 stack only to see the chips slide to Siden.

Kassouf was short of chips at this point but staying afloat with the occasional move. He laddered up a payout slot when Van Der Beek fell by the wayside. The Dutchman defended his small blind from a Vousden button raise with As-Tc. He check-called bets on the 9d-3s-3d-Th-4c board, including an all-in bet on the river. Vousden flipped over Kc-Kh and scooped the pot.

Canada’s Julien Perouse fell in fifth, leading to a 3.5 hour four-handed battle. The two shortest stacks, Kassouf and Siden, clashed in a key pot that busted Siden.

Siden open-shoved for only 4.25 big blinds with Ks-Qh on the button. Kassouf called with 5h-5s and won the coinflip courtesy of the 3c-4c-4h-7d-8d board.

This left Kassouf with 14 big blinds against opponents who each held more than 50 big blinds.

Heads-Up Set, Ruivo Holds a Huge Lead

Heads-Up was set when Vousden came unstuck. Manuel Ruivo, winner of the 2018 MILLIONS Online Main Event for $2.3 million, raised to 4,120,000 with 7c-6c. Vousden looked down at Qh-Qc and three-bet to 16,000,000. Ruivo called and watched on as the flop fell 5s-8d-9d, which gifted him a straight. Vousden decided the best way to play his queen was to move all-in for twice the size of the pot. Ruivo couldn’t believe his luck and quickly called. The turn and river were void of drams and the huge pot slid Ruivo’s way.

Ruivo held a 213,940,000 to 54,260,000 lead over Kassouf at the start of the one-on-one battle. Kassouf clawed his way back and took the lead, eventually.

The final hand saw Kassouf open with 8d-8c and call when Ruivo moved all-in for 57,857,400 with 7d-6d. An 8s-7c-7s flop gave Kassouf a full house and left Ruivo drawing thin. The turn was the 4c and the river the 6h to conclude the IPM Main Event. A fitting end to a fantastic tournament.

Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt

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