Tips For Success in Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments

Learn all about Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments including how to beat them

Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments have been around for a couple of years now and are still super popular. Large sections of the poker community thought they were a gimmick that would quickly disappear. How wrong they were.

Poker players from around the world play tens of thousands of Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments every day. Some online poker sites have special editions of these games, which turn them into satellites. Let’s take a look at what Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments are and a strategy for beating them.

What Are Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments?

Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments are single table tournaments with a twist. Most are played three-handed, although some allow four players, and use a hyper-turbo blind structure. The low number of players combined with short stacks and super-fast blinds create plenty of action.

The twist comes in when it comes to the Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments’ prize pool. It is randomly determined before the first cards are dealt, hence the jackpot in their name.

This random prize pool multiplier is usually 2x your buy-in, so you’d be playing for a $10 prize pool with a 2x multiplier in a $5 buy-in game. Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments have a winner-takes-all payout structure until a certain size multiplier hits. They then payout all three places.

PokerStars calls their Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments Spin & Go. partypoker named theirs SPINS. Below is a table showing the different payouts for partypoker’s $5 SPINS.

Multiplier 1st place 2nd place 3rd place Frequency in 1M games
240,000 $1,000,000 $100,000 $100,000 1
1,200 $5,000 $500 $500 6
120 $500 $50 $50 20
25 $125 200
10 $125 1,000
6 $125 15,000
4 $125 218,927
2 $125 764,846

You can see here that you can win $1 million for a $5 buy-in. It’s extremely rare, a one-in-a-million shot, but it’s happened twice already. Most of the time you play for $10 or $20 but massive payouts are possible. This is why Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments are so popular.

Is There An Optimal Strategy?

Each online poker site has their own take on these games but they tend to follow a pattern. A starting stack of 500 chips is the industry standard and blinds of 10/20. This means everyone sits down only 25 big blinds deep. The rapidly increasing blinds mean everyone is short-stacked early on.

Learning a solid push or fold strategy is key to success in these fun tournaments. The short stacks mean you’re often priced in to call if you raise and are shoved on. Knowing how your hand stands up against certain ranges and stack sizes is vital. You can find push/fold charts dotted around the internet. Find one, study it, and have it to hand when you play these games.

Make your opening raises as small as possible, with min-raises being extremely common.

Also, play very aggressive when in position. Battles of the blinds are very common because of the three-handed tables. Lean on being loose-aggressive whenever you’re first to act in the small blind. Likewise, attack those blinds from the button whenever the chance arises.

It’s important to take the lower prize pool multiplier games seriously. People play Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments for the chance of a huge payday. It’s disappointing when 2x or 4x appears on your screen. But play them like you’ve hit the jackpot and use them as practise for the bigger games.

You’ll find many of your opponents won’t take these small multiplier games seriously. Don’t be one of them, keep your focus and concentration at all times.

Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt

If it’s something you can play online for real money, chances are Matthew knows a bit about it. He’s been writing about slots, craps and poker for the better part of the last decade. He’s written for PokerNews, PartyPoker and many other respected online gambling websites during the last nine years.


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