Sam Soverel Wins 2019 Poker Masters and Purple Jacket

Sam Soverel won the 2019 Poker Masters Main Event and the overall title.

Florida’s Sam Soverel won the 2019 Poker Masters Main Event and finished first in the race for the purple jacket. Soverel finished 530 points ahead of Kahle Burns in second-place thanks to some remarkable results.

2019 Poker Masters Main Event Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Sam Soverel United States $680,000
2 Chris Hunichen United States $442,000
3 Elio Fox United States $272,000
4 Stephen Chidwick United Kingdom $170,000
5 Seth Davies United States $136,000

The 2019 Poker Masters Main Event commanded a $50,000 buy-in and was played as No-Limit Hold’em. Thirty-four entries were processed, including a brace of bullets from Soverel. Soverel busted at the hands of Australian star Kahle Burns, but took advantage of the re-enrty format to take another shot. It turned out to be a superb decision.

Some of the world’s best players bought in and busted before the money places. Sergi Reixach, Dan Smith, Orpen Kisacikoglu, Chance Kornuth, Igor Kurganov and Nick Schulman among them. David Peters, Nick Petrangelo, and Ben Heath also crashed out before the bubble burst.

A huge hand at the nine-handed final table saw Chris Hunichen soar into the lead. Elio Fox raised to 32,000 in late position and Bryn Kenney three-bet all-in for 286,000 from the cutoff. Hunichen called on the button only to see Burns jam for 306,000 in the small blind. Fox folded and Hunichen called.

Burns held the advantage with Js-Jh against Hunichen’s Ac-Qs and Kenney’s Kd-Qd. The board ran Ad-Kc-8d-7s-4s to bust both Kenney and Burns and send Hunichen’s stack swelling.

Alex Foxen was eliminated in seventh-place to set the official final table.

Hunichen Leads Main Event Final Table; Soverel Locks Up Title

Only Kornuth and Burns could catch Soverel in the race for the overall but both busted from the Main Event before the money place. Soverel, therefore, won the purple jacket awarded to the player of the Poker Masters series. The Florida native still had to complete this tournament before any celebration could take place.

Ali Imsirovic, who won the 2018 Poker Masters title, was the bubble boy in this Main Event. The Bosnian committed his stack with top pair top kicker but could not hold against Stephen Chidwick’s flush and straight draws. This burst the bubble and secured a $136,000 payday for the remaining five players.

That sum went to Seth Davies who lost in a cooler hand against Soverel. Davies found pocket queens and got his stack into the middle of the felt. Unfortunately, for Davies at least, Soverel was laying in wait with a pair of kings. Those kings held and the Main Event was down to four players.

Four became three with the exit of Chidwick. Chidwick, like Davies had previously, was all-in with queens against kings. The kings belonged to Hunichen and remained best to send the popular British pro to the showers.

Elio Fox’s exit hand was even worse, especially considering it happened three-handed. Fox and Soverel got their chips into the middle with each holding a full house. Soverel’s was superior, Fox fell in third and the Main Event heads-up clash was set.

A Bridge Too Far For Hunichen to Bridge

Hunichen fought valiantly to claw his way back into contention but was trailing 4:1 at the time of the final hand. That final hand saw Soverel set Hunichen all-in with queen-ten. Hunichen took the flip with pocket deuces. A queen reared her head on the community cards and Soverel won the 2019 Poker Masters Main Event for $680,000.

2019 Poker Masters Championship Final Standings

Place Player Points Winnings Cashes
1 Sam Soverel 1,160 $1,396,800 7
2 Kahle Burns 630 $585,900 3
3 Chance Kornuth 630 $556,400 3
4 Sean Winter 480 $495,350 4
5 Ali Imsirovic 450 $497,600 3
6 George Wolff 420 $404,500 3
7 Alex Foxen 300 $169,450 3
8 Kristen Bicknell 300 $408,000 1
9 Sergi Reixach 300 $369,000 1
10 Isaac Baron 300 $223,100 1

Soverel’s performances at the 2019 Poker Masters will go down as one of the greatest of all-time. He cashed in seven of the 10 events, won two including the Main Event, and walked away with $1,396,800.

  • Fifth place in Event #1: $10K NLHE for $77,600
  • Sixth place in Event #3: $10K Short Deck for $22,200
  • Fourth place in Event #5: $10K Big Bet Mix for $52,000
  • First place in Event #7: $25K PLO for $340,000
  • Fourth place in Event #8: $25K NLHE for $102,500
  • Fourth place in Event #9: $25K NLHE for $122,500
  • First place in Event #10: $50K NLHE for $680,000
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