Roberto Romanello Wins WSOP Bracelet; Secures Triple Crown

Roberto Romanello won a WSOP bracelet on July 26 and completed poker's Triple Crown

Roberto Romanello has become only the ninth player in history to win poker’s coveted Triple Crown. The Triple Crown is a title bestowed on a player who has won an EPT, WPT and EPT title.

Romanello won the EPT Prague Main Event in December 2010. He secured the WPT Bratislava Main Event top prize three months later, but the WSOP bracelet eluded him. Romanello came close to winning a bracelet several times.

He finished fifth in a €1,090 No-Limit Hold’em event at the 2011 WSOP Europe festival. 2012 saw him finish fifth again in a €2,700 No-Limit Hold’em Six-Handed event in Cannes. A fourth-place exit from the €3,250 Pot-Limit Omaha event at the 2015 WSOPE was the closest he’d come.

That was until he registered a third-place finish in a $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em tournament in Las Vegas in 2016. It seemed like he would never win a bracelet until it all came together on July 26, 2020.

The Welsh Team partypoker member was one of 922 players to enter the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em event at the online poker site GGPoker. The top 134 finishers received at least $3,327 for their substantial efforts.

Such luminaries as Jake Schindler, Stefan Jedlicka, Adam Owen, and Jack Sinclair cashed. As did Alex Foxen, Luc Greenwood, and Artur Martirosian.

Final Table Set; Romanello Third in Chips

The minimum any of the nine finalists could win was $16,632, the sum won by Jeffrey Cormier. Cormier was already nursing a short stack when Ravali Krishna double through him. Swedish legend Niklas Astedt got his hands on the rest of Cormier’s stack. Astedt raised to 220,000 with Ad-9c and snap-called when Cormier three-bet all-in for only 432,000. Cormier showed Ks-Qs and lost thanks, in part, to Astedt flopping an ace.

Paul Barnes sent Orkhan Allahverdiyev to the sidelines in eighth-place soon after Cormier’s demise. Barnes min-raised to 200,000 with pocket fours before calling Allahverdiyev’s 1,176,000 shove. It was one of tournament poker’s many coinflip scenarios because Allahverdiyev held Ac-Kc. A king on the flop put Barnes way behind, but a four on the turn gifted him a set and the hand.

Romanello sent his first final table opponent to the showers when he busted Krishna. Romanello three-bet all-in for 1,900,000 with red sevens after Krishna min-raised with ace-queen. The board ran out kindly for Romanello and the field size reduced by one.

Six became five when Hannes Speiser of Austria lost a flip with Russia’s Aleksandr Trofimov. The duo got their stacks into the middle preflop, Trofimov with pocket tens and Speiser with king-queen. A ten on the flop sealed the deal for Trofimov.

United Kingdom-based Frenchman Thomas Cazayous was the fifth-place finisher. He fell foul of Barnes in a battle of the blinds. Cazayous limped in before calling a raise to 475,000. Both players checked the Qc-2c-4d flop before Cazayous led for 535,500 on the 4h turn. Barnes called. Cazayous greeted the 5d river with a 1,000,000 bet only to see Barnes shove for 1,600,000. Cazayous called off his last 67,000 chips and showed Qh-Jh for two pair. Barnes flipped over Qd-Qs for a full house.

Four Remain; Romanello Trailing

Romanello was the shortest stack when play was four-handed, but he soon changed that. His Ks-Th prevailed against Astedt’s Ah-Qh in a blind on blind confrontation to double up.

Everyone received a jump in pay when Trofimov ran out of steam in fourth. Trofimov shoved for 3,000,000 at the 120,000/240,000/30,000a level with Ac-Js. Astedt called with the dominating As-Qc. Trofimov spiked a jack on the flop, Astdt hit a runner-runner straight and the Russia was gone.

Astedt busted Barnes in third-place when his fives held against Barnes’ threes. This sent the event into heads-up where Romanello held an 11,900,000 to 11,000,000 chip lead. The Swede pulled in front although Romanello doubled through him to leave him on fumes.

The final hand saw Astedt jam for 740,000, a shade under 2.5 big blinds. Romanello called with Jd-6s and needed some help to beat Astedt’s Qs-9c. Help arrived in the shape of a jack on the flop. The remaining community cards provided no drama and Astedt headed for the exits.

Romanello had done it. He finally got his hands on a WSOP bracelet and completed poker’s Triple Crown.

Event #39: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Roberto Romanello United Kingdom $216,213
2 Niklas Astedt Sweden $156,905
3 Paul Barnes United Kingdom $113,866
4 Aleksandr Trofimov Russia $82,633
5 Thomas Cazayous United Kingdom $59,966
6 Hannes Speiser Austria $43,518
7 Ravali Krishna India $31,581
8 Orkhan Allahverdyiev Azerbaijan $22,918
9 Jeffrey Cormier Canada $16,632
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