Five Steps To Help Your Return To Online Poker

Looking to return to online poker in light of the coronavirus halting live play all over the world? We're here to help.

Professional poker players have had their livelihood taken away by the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Recreational players have lost their hobby for the same reasons. Both types may be planning to return to online poker, but may not know how. Our brief guide will help.

The ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus has resulted in poker rooms around the world shutting down. Macau closed its casinos for a fortnight, and even fabulous Las Vegas is on lock down. Casinos there are closed for at least 30-days. Australia is the latest country to force its casinos to close. Closures may last six-months “Down Under”.

Some of you reading these pages will no longer be able to play poker in the live arena. You may even be banned from gathering with your friends for a home game, depending on where you live. You need to return to online poker to continue playing this fantastic game.

Return to Online Poker: Choose Your Poker Site

The first step for your return to online poker is choosing the poke site that’s right for you. American residents aren’t exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to online poker, but there are come great sites out there.

Head to our review pages and go through each of the seven reviews. You’ll find they are open and honest, highlighting the positive and negative. Our reviewers play at each site and are told to give a fair representation of the site.

Find out what bonuses are available to you for your return to online poker. Sites are clambering for customers because large sections of the world have more spare time due to isolation rules. Make sure you choose the right bonus for you; bigger is not always better.

Return to Online Poker With a Poker Bankroll

You need a bankroll to return to online poker with. We’re experiencing unprecedented times right now with the COVID-19 virus. Many of us have tons of spare time and an inclination to play more poker than ever. Large numbers of people may be looking to return to online poker in the hope of making up the shortfall in lost wages.

Whatever your reasons for playing online poker, always do it within your means. Bankroll management is super important. Check out this article to discover why.

Update Your Devices For Your Return To Online Poker

Poker sites don’t need state-of-the-art computers to run on, hell, they even run off cell phones! That may be the case but make sure your return to online poker isn’t hindered by out of date software.

Update your cell or tablet to the latest operating system. Ensure your computer is updated too. Then download an online poker site via our review pages to make sure they work properly. You can iron out any issues here before you make your return to online poker.

Set Up Your Poker Work Station

It’s now time to set up your poker work station. Being able to play poker from anywhere is one of the major benefits of online poker. Play from your favourite comfortable chair, or in your back garden if you wish. Those of you wanting to make money, however, need to set up a dedicated poker workstation.

Find a space in your home where distractions are limited. You want to be able to concentrate fully, especially if you’ve not played online poker for a while. You need your wits about you in order to succeed.

Brush Up on Your Strategy

Brush up on some strategy before making your return to the virtual poker scene. Poker continually evolves and online poker evolves faster than live poker. We have at least one free poker strategy article every week right here on Stay tuned for this week’s piece on the differences between live and online poker!

Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt

If it’s something you can play online for real money, chances are Matthew knows a bit about it. He’s been writing about slots, craps and poker for the better part of the last decade. He’s written for PokerNews, PartyPoker and many other respected online gambling websites during the last nine years.


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