Renan Bruschi Wins WPTWOC Mini Main Event For $504,582

Renan Bruschi is the latest WPTWOC winner. He won the Mini Main Event for more than $500,000 after a four-way deal

The World Poker Tour World Online Championships Mini Main Event proved the poker dream is alive and well. It cast aside any doubts recreational players can win huge sums. Four of the nine finalists won their $1,050 seat for free thanks to partypoker promotions. Brazil’s Renan Bruschi won the event for $504,582 after a four-handed chop.

Day 3 started with nine players in the hunt for the title and the $758,312 top prize. Bruschi sat down second in chips with only Liviu-Rodrig Bartha having more chips.

Tobias Koerper crashed out in ninth-place for a $45,600 prize. The German was one of the aforementioned player competing in this event with no financial outlay. His Ac-Tc lost a coinflip against Artur Balodis6c-6c.

Eighth-place and $55,425 went to Ravil Tlimisov, another freeroller. Tlimisov three-bet all-in over the top of a min-raise from Nichita Verbitchii. Verbitchii called the shove with Qh-Qs which held against Tlimisov’s Ah-Qd.

Bruschi eliminated his first opponent at the final table soon after. Roman Voitovs was that player. Bruschi min-raised with As-Kc and called when Voitovs jammed with 9s-9d. An ace on the flop and a king on the turn were enough to send Voitovs to the rail.

Janis Loze secured the tournament’s first six-figure prize, namely $104,450. It was Bruschi who busted him. Bruschi opened to 7 million with 9d-9s and Loze called in the big blind with As-5h. Loze checked the 5c-Ks-7h flop, Bruschi bet 6.1 million and Loze check-raised all-in for 33 million. The bet was called and Bruschi turned a set and improved to a full house on the river.

Bruschi Leads With Five Players Remaining

Austria’s Freek Scholten found himself as the short stack for long period of the final table. He managed to double through Brushi but still only had 12 big blinds in his arsenal. They went into the middle with Td-Th and he was up against the As-Jh of Bartha. A jack on the flop and an ace on the turn saw Scholten crash out.

The pay jumps for the final four places were massive so it wasn’t surprising to see a deal struck. That deal meant everyone would win at least almost $340,000 with $50,000 more awaiting the champion.

Bartha progressed no further. He lost a giant pot with ace-queen versus Bruschi’s ace-king. His last 5.3 big blinds went in from the small blind with Jh-3d and Bruschi called with Tc-Th in the big blind. The board ran void of drama and Bartha scooped $472,866, a great return on a $109 satellite win.

The final three became two when Balodis’ impressive run ended at the hands of Bruschi. Balodis raised from the button with 5d-5h, leaving himself a mere 0.4 big blinds behind. Bruschi called in the small blind with As-5s and the rest of the chips went in on an 8c-Jc-Ah flop. Bruschi’s hand held and heads-up was set.

It was disappointing to go so deep without winning but Balodis did win his $1,050 seat for free! It’s difficult to feel sorry for someone with such a huge ROI.

Cruel Hand Ends Tournament

Many heads-up hands are won with weak holdings, but this tournament ended with two monster hands. Verbitchii limped for 6 million and called a 21 million raise from Bruschi. The flop fell 7d-4h-8h, Bruschi led for 21 million and Verbitchii called. Both players checked the 5c turn and Bruschi checked the 4c river. Verbitchii fired a 57 million bet and called when his opponent set him all-in.

Verbitchii turned over 8c-6c for a straight only for Bruschi to show his 8h-8s which was now a full house! The runner-up netted $339,606, again from a ticket added to the WPT Daily specials tournaments at partypoker.

The Brazilian champion walked away with $504,582 and bragging rights of becoming a WPT champion.

WPTWOC Mini Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Renan Bruschi Brazil $504,582*
2 Nichita Verbitchii Moldova $339,606*
3 Arturs Balodis Latvia $535,268*
4 Liviu-Rodrig Bartha United Kingdom $472,866*
5 Freek Scholten Austria $153,750
6 Janis Loze Latvia $104,450
7 Romans Voitovs Latvia $73,550
8 Ravil Tlimisov Russia $55,425
9 Tobias Koerper Germany $45,600
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