Christopher Puetz Crowned WPT Germany Champion

Christopher Puetz took down the WPT Germany Main Event for ?270,000.

The World Poker Tour was in Rozvadoz, Czech Republic last week for the WPT Germany festival. The legal situation in Germany meant King’s Resort in Rozvadoz had to host it.

Rozvadov is on the German-Czech border so it wasn’t too much of a hindrance. Christopher Puetz didn’t care either way because he’s returning home with €270,000 more in his bankroll and a shiny trophy.

WPT Germany Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize (EUR) Prize (USD)
1 Christopher Puetz €270,000 $292,802
2 Laszlo Papai €174,500 $189,237
3 Joep van den Bijgaart €125,000 $135,556
4 Josef Gulas €91,000 $98,685
5 Gianluca Speranza €68,000 $73,743
6 Farukh Tach €52,000 $56,391
7 Hossein Ensan €40,000 $43,378
8 Renato Nowak €31,000 $33,618
9 Rifat Gegic €24,000 $26,027

Puetz had two previous cashes to his name going into the WPT Germany Main Event. Both came from his play at King’s Resort. Those cashes weighed in at a combined €11,111, but he’s now eclipsed that sum with this impressive victory.

Some 510 players bought in for €3,300 and 73 of them saw a return on their investment. Former WPT champions Oleg Vasylchenko, Stefan Schillhabel, Ryan Riess, and Konstantinos Nanos were among those who cashed.

This was made possible by Al Lami bursting the money bubble. Lami pushed all-in as a super short stack and Artan Dedusha called his five big blind jam. It was Kc-8c versus Ac-Jc and Lami paired his king on the flop. Dedusha spiked an ace on the river to send the remaining 73 players into the money.

Unofficial WPT Germany Final Table Reached

WPT Germany announced its final table was six-handed, so the final nine made up the unofficial final table.

Rifat Gegic was the unofficial final table’s first casualty. The action folded to Gegic in the small blind and he decided Kh-8h was strong enough to commit his 16 big blind stack. Laszlo Papai called in the big blind with Kc-Qs and his queen-high kicker played to reduce the player count by one.

A cruel hand saw Renato Nowak head for the exits in eighth-place. He raised to 125,000 from under the gun, Joep van den Bijgaart three-bet to 375,000 on the button. Nowak called, leaving himself only 860,000 chips behind.

Those chips went into the middle on a Jh-Td-Ah flop and van den Bijgaart called. Nowak showed Ac-Ks for top pair and his opponent revealed Ts-Tc for middle set. The Qs turn gifted Nowak a Broadway straight, but the Js river completed van den Bijgaart’s full house!

Reigning World Series of Poker Main Event champion Hossein Ensan busted in seventh to set the official final table.

Six Remain in the Hunt for €270,000

The 24th hand of the official final table resulted in the first bust-out. Farukh Tach open-shoved 10 big blinds from under the gun with Jc-Ts and Papai re-raise to isolate. It worked because everyone folded and he turned over Ah-Kc. Tach flopped an open-ended straight draw but couldn’t find any of his plethora of outs thus busting in sixth-place.

Italy’s Gianluca Speranza was the next to fall. Speranza looked down at 5c-5s and moved all-in for 15.8 big blinds. Papai, who was on a one-man wrecking spree, called with 7c-7s. Both players flopped a set, but the Italian couldn’t find the case five and he fell, ironically, in fifth-place.

Fourth-place in the WPT Germany Main Event went to Josef Gulas of the Czech Republic. Gulas raised to 325,000 with Ah-7c, Papai called on the button and van den Bijgaard shoved for 5,600,000 with 9d-9c. Gulas called off his last 3,200,000 and Gulas folded. Neither player improved with the community cards, but van den Bijgaard didn’t need to.

The 99th hand of the official WPT Germany Main Event final table resulted in van den Bijgaard busting. Papai min-raised to 400,000 then snap-called when van den Bijgaard shoved for 3,200,000. Papai revealed As-Qc and his Dutch opponent the 6d-6c. You need to win your coinflips to win tournaments and van den Bijgaard couldn’t manage that. An ace on the flop confirmed his untimely exit.

Neck And Neck Going Into Heads-Up

There was nothing to choose between Puetz and Papai going into heads up, but that soon changed. A massive pot went Puetz’s was when his As-Jc held against Papai’s dominating Ad-Td. The hand left Papai with only 125,000, or half a big blind.

Those remaining chips were automatically all-in on the next hand. Papai flipped over 4h-4d and was against Puetz’s Qd-9c. The 4c-9h-Qs flop gifted Papai a set and Puetz two-pair. The Qh turn improved both players to a boat, but Puetz’s was bigger. The 7h completed the board and busted Papai in second-place.

The €174,500 Papai won is the largest live poker tournament score of his career. As is the €270,000 won by Puetz, which included a $15,000 seat to the Tournament of Champions.

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