Poker Pros Helping to Research Mike Postle’s Play

Poker pros Phil Galfond and Matt Berkey are going out of their way to prove Mike Postle cheated in live streamed cash games

Two elite poker pros are taking steps to help research the infamous Mike Postle’s play. Phil Galfond and Matt Berkey are pulling out all the stops to prove Postle cheated during live-streamed cash games.

Let’s refresh your memories, or put you in the picture if you’re wondered who Postle is.

It’s almost a full year since the Postle cheating saga came to light. A poker player by the name of Mike Postle found himself at the center of an alleged cheating scandal. He played at Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights, California, a venue that streamed some cash games on the internet.

Postle was the biggest winner in these streamed game and by a wide margin. So what, he’s probably just really good at poker, surely? That could be true but some well-respected poker pros are 100% certain Postle cheated.

A huge thread exploded on the Two Plus Two poker forums. Poker pros and recreational players critiqued Postle’s play and came to the conclusion one of two statements were true. Postle is either the best poker player to have ever been dealt cards, or he cheated.

Some of the hands the alleged cheat was involved in are nothing short of ridiculous. Scott Seiver was one of several poker pros to go out on a limb and state Postle cheated.

Poker Pros Can’t Believe Court’s Ruling

Cutting a very long story short, Stones did a pathetic investigation into the alleged cheating and found no evidence. Several poker players took Postle and Stones to court in a $10 million lawsuit. All charges were eventually dropped.

Fingers point to Justin Kuraitis, a supervisor at Stones Gambling Hall, as being involved in the cheating. Kuraitis had access to the hole card information of he live stream. He’s also a close friend of Postle.

The dropping of charges cleared Kuraitis’ name in a legal sense. He issued an extremely self-righteous statement after clearing his name. We won’t bore you with all the details but two elite poker pros are unhappy with it, claiming Kuraitis taunts the victims.

Galfond is disgusted by Kuraitis statement and the fact the lawsuit is no longer. Galfond tweeted:

“I’m a busy guy. I probably wasn’t ever going to think about Postle again, but Justin Kuraitis and Stones Gambling Hall responded to a legal “victory” by taunting their victims. If we get all the hand histories into Poker Tracker or a spreadsheet, I’ll create a detailed report with proof (or lack thereof) myself.”

Galfond is one of the poker pros who spend a lot of time analyzing his and his opponents’ play. You have to at the level he plays otherwise you get left behind. The smallest of margins in high stakes poker means thousands of dollars won or lost.

His offer to study each and every hand Postle played would cost tens of thousands of dollars if you paid Galfond for his time. He’ll discover if Postle was cheating or not by the way of stats. Galfond believes certain stats would stand out like a sore thumb and prove Postle’s guilt.

Berkey’s More Technical Approach

Matt Berkey is another of the high stakes poker pros hoping to prove Postle’s guilt. Berkey plays nosebleed stakes cash games and whichever tournaments he fancies.

There are approximately 90 questionable live streamed games, each several hours long. An immense effort is needed to transcribe the action from all these games.

Berkey has turned to technology to help him gather the data. He has a student who has written code to “screen scrape” all the hands from the video footage. The software reads the cards and bet amounts before converting them into a format readable by the widely used and legal Poker Tracker 4 software.

The coder has already begun beta testing and is ironing out a few bugs and kinks. It should be able to storm through all the footage once it’s working properly.

We can’t wait to see what the poker pros come up. Their study will prove one way or the other if Postle cheated, which he definitely did, without a doubt. How he cheated will likely remain a mystery forever, but the fact he did will be here for all to see and soon.

Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt

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