Partypoker’s Poker Fraud Team Detected 277 Poker Bots

PartyPoker Poker Bot

Partypoker built a “Poker Fraud Team” to solve its chronic poker bot issues and it’s working. According to the online poker site, the Partypoker Poker Fraud Team shut down 277 poker bots between December 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019.

Poker bots are an issue on most, if not all, major poker sites. Partypoker customers complained through the months and years about the bots, but now something is being done.

The Poker Fraud Team combines advanced new tracking software with former professional card players. With the pro players boosted the efforts of the bot busters, helping to expose 75% of the bots that plague the website.

Poker bots are software programs that make decisions on hands for a player. The first bots used simple algorithms that were relatively easy to detect. They also were easy to beat.

How Poker Bots Improved

Over the years, artificial intelligence improved, so poker bots became harder to detect and harder to beat. Machine learning helped bots spot patterns and make inferences about a problem. AIs became much better at making correct poker decisions.

The current generation of bots more effectively changes betting patterns and alters its bet sizes. The result is more profitable bots, which are a constant source of frustration to casual players. Realistic betting patterns make it harder for Partypoker and its competitors to respond.

Redundant Poker Fraud Systems

One gaming expert compared Partypoker’s solution to the treatments for cancer. Some cancer cells are difficult to eliminate, so doctors use a combination of drugs. They might use chemo and radiation, because redundant treatments reinforce one another’s effects.

The Poker Fraud Team is a similar solution. Tracking software is not enough. Neither is human experience, even if the human element consists of experienced poker players. Combining the two therefore gives the Poker Fraud Team a wide range of tools to detect poker bots.

A Particular Set of Skills

Patrik Leonard, one of Partypoker’s promoted card players, expressed confidence in the site’s effort to combat bots. Mr. Leonard said Partypoker’s methods have advanced in just 24 months.

The poker ambassador full quote stated, “Two years ago [stopping poker bots] wouldn’t have been possible, but after seeing the security department first hand, the team working there and the tools they are using, I’m very confident now that they can tackle people trying to play against the rules.”

Invoking a favorite Hollywood actor, Patrik Leonard added, “In my opinion it isn’t worth somebody trying to bend the rules because, in the words of Liam Neeson: they will find you, they will catch you and they will.. ban you.”

Redistributed $734,852 to Cheated Players

The Poker Fraud Team is not simply making the game safer for site members moving forward. Partypoker is actively redistributing money to players who were cheated by poker bots in the past. The site has redistributed $734,852, because Partypoker sees the lost cash as the players’ money.

Partypoker did not give details on the former poker pros who joined their fraud team. A GVC Holdings spokesperson told that they are a “small, dedicated PartyPoker team.

Despite the success, Partypoker said it has no plans to expand the team so far. It is the nature of the business that the Poker Fraud Team must eventually advance. The fight to stop software-enhanced cheating is an evolutionary process.

Partypoker Poker Fraud Team Improvement

As one side has success, the other side inevitably will improve. The situation is like the Red Queen in The Looking Glass, because one side has to move ever forward to keep from falling behind. Therefore, players can expect the poker bots to improve in the coming months, only to have sites like Partypoker make advancements to their fraud departments.

Cliff Spiller

Cliff Spiller

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