Negreanu Takes $117K Lead in Polk Grudge Match

The Negreanu vs Polk grudge match is underway and it's Negreanu who leads currently

The grudge match between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk kicked off on November 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The high stakes duo are playing 25,000 hands of heads-up no-limit hold’em with $200/$400 blinds. is hosting the majority of the hands due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The first 200 hands, however, took place at the Poker Central Studio in Las Vegas. It did not go to plan for Polk as he slipped $117,000 behind after the 200th hand.

Negreanu took the lead on the very first hand of the grudge match. Negreanu raised to $1,000 with Ks-3h and Polk called with Ah-4c. Both players checked the Kd-2s-9h flop and the dealer placed the 6c on the turn. Polk then Negreanu checked again. The 8s fell on the river, Polk checked, Negreanu bet $1,500, and Polk check-raised to $8,500. It is a move that should work frequently, but Negreanu found a call.

Grudge Match Sees Massive Early Pot

Hand #7 of the grudge match saw a much larger pot develop between the pair. Negreanu started the preflop betting round with a $1,000 raise with 6d-5d. Polk three-bet to $4,125 with 8h-6h and Negreanu called. The dealer burned a card before fanning the 6c-Jd-7d flop. The flop hit both players but Negreanu’s flush draw gave him 44% equity compared to Polk’s 30%.

Polk checked despite being the preflop aggressor, Negreanu bet $1,700, which Polk called. The Qd turn completed Negreanu’s flush draw. He now had to figure out how to get value from his hand. Polk checked and Negreanu checked behind, hoping for Polk to catch up a little. That is exactly what happened when the 8s fell on the river, improving Polk to two pair.

Polk bet his two pair to the tune of $4,000, putting the action on his grudge match opponent. Negreanu raised to $17,000, Polk asked for confirmation before going into the tank. He emerged with a call and the $45,650 pot slid to Negreanu. Polk topped up his stack with $30,000 more chips.

Negreanu Runs a Big Bluff

Negreanu mostly opted for a more passive style of play during the 200 hand session, perhaps hoping for Polk to continue his bluffing ways. The six-time WSOP bracelet winner showed he can run bluffs of his own during the 170th hand.

The hand started with a raise to $1,000 from Negreanu holding Kc-9h. Polk responded with a $4,125 three-bet with As-Qd. Negreanu four-bet to $9,600 and Polk called, creating a $19,200 pot. A Td-3d-Js flop saw Polk check-called a $4,000 continuation bet from Negreanu. The 6h turn saw Polk check again. Negreanu bet $5,600, which was called. Polk checked again on the 4c river before folding when Negreanu moved all-in for $34,800.

That set the tone for the remainder of the grudge match as won pot after pot. Polk finished $117,000 in the hole when the 200th hand concluded.

Play in the grudge match continues on November 6 online at Blinds continue to be $200/$400 but at two tables. This puts the ball back in Polk’s court because he’s predominately an online poker grinder.

Polk Loses But Odds Shorten

Polk was a 1.17 (-588) favorite with Poker Shares before losing $117,000 to Negreanu. He’s now a 1.15 (-666) favorite compared to Negreanu at 5.85 (+485).

Polk is definitely a favorite in the online part of the grudge match, especially over 24,800 hands. Negreanu, however, has started fast of the blocks and is full of confidence. $117,000 sounds like a lot of ground to make up, but it’s less than three buy-ins. Polk has the ability to turn matters around if anyone has.

USpokersites will continue monitoring the grudge match and bring you highlights and lowlights.

Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt

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