Michael Addamo Banks $1.28M From WPTWOC Super High Roller

Michael Addamo won the WPTWOC Super High Roller event for almost $1.3 million

The WPTWOC Super High Roller brought the curtain down on the WPT World Online Poker Championships in style. The $102,000 buy-in event attracted 40-entries who created a $4 million prize pool.

Only the top six finishers received a slice of that mammoth-sized pot, meaning one finalist went home empty-handed.

Daniel Dvoress was the unfortunate soul who burst the money bubble. Dvoress won the MILLIONAIRE MAKER at GGPoker a few weeks ago but fell in seventh here. Sergei Riexach min-raised to 24,000 with Ad-Qc and Dvoress three-bet all-in for 11 big blinds with Qd-Jd. Reixach called and Dvoress busted when he failed to connect with the 9s-4c-7h-9d-9h board.

Dvoress’ exit locked up at least $229,600 for the surviving six players. German superstar Christoph Vogelsang collected this princely sum.

Things were going great for Vogelsang and he had more than 100 big blinds in his stack. That soon changed and he found himself nursing a short stack after losing several key pots.

Vogelsang’s WPTWOC Super High Roller exit came he raised to 34,000 with Qc-Qh and Isaac Haxton three-bet to 75,000. Both blinds folded but Vogelsang four-bet all-in for 279,000. Haxton snap-called with Kd-Kh and won the hand when the five community cards fell 6d-2h-6s-2s-7d.

WPTWOC Super High Roller Down to Five Players

The WPTWOC Super High Roller was now down to only five players, each guaranteed $276,000. One of Austria’s elite players fell in fifth to reduce the player count further.

Linus Loeliger pushed all-in for only 6.5 big blinds on the button with Qc-Ts. Reixach called in the big blind with 4s-4h and it was off to the races. The Ah-5h-Kd flop gave Loeliger outs to a Broadway straight but they failed to appear. Loeliger busted when the turn and river fell 9d and 8s respectively.

Reixach committed ICM suicide a short while later and busted in fourth-place. Charlie Godwin was short of chips plus the only WPTWOC Super High Roller player not to be a professional player. Despite this, Reixach decided the best course of action with his Ah-4h was to take on Haxton.

The Spaniard initially min-raised, Haxton three-bet to 115,000. Reixach jammed for 828,000 and Haxton called with the dominating Ac-Ks. A final board reading 7s-2s-8s-7d-9h sent Reixach home in fourth.

Godwin qualified for the $102,000 WPTWOC Super High Roller for a mere $109. She won a $109 satellite, then the $1,050 buy-in she qualified. That $109 became a colossal $620,000 when she navigated her way to third-place. Godwin open-shoved on the button for 14.3 big blinds with Ac-2d and Addamo called with Ad-6h in the big blind. The 4h-Qs-Ts was no help for Godwin. The 5c turn gave her outs to a straight, but she missed on the As river. $620,000 from a $109 investment is an incredible return.

Two Goliaths Stand Toe To Toe

Addamo and Haxton are two of poker’s greats so everyone expected an epic heads-up battle. They weren’t disappointed. Addamo held a 2,300,000 to 1,700,000 chip lead, meaning the players has 143 and 105 big blinds. They struck a deal that left $50,000 for the eventual champion.

A long one-on-one battle ended when Addamo completed the small blind with Ad-5h and Haxton moved all-in for 753,000 with 5c-5s. Addamo called and watched on as he missed on the 3h-Kh-3d flop. The Js turn kept Haxton ahead, but the Ah river busted Haxton in second place.

Haxton netted $1,216,286 as part of his deal while Addamo became the WPTWOC Super High Roller champion. This result came with a $1,284,113 haul.

WPT World Online Championship Super High Roller Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Michael Addamo Australia $1,284,113*
2 Isaac Haxton United States $1,216,286*
3 Charlie Godwin United Kingdom $620,000
4 Sergi Reixach Spain $374,000
5 Linus Loeliger Austria $276,000
6 Christoph Vogelsang Germany $229,600

*reflects a heads-up deal

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Matthew Pitt

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