Maurice Hawkins Proclaims Himself the GOAT at WSOP Circuit Events

Maurice Hawkins playing poker

Maurice Hawkins, who holds the most titles and cash winnings in World Series of Poker Circuit history, recently called himself the GOAT (“Greatest of All Time”). Hawkins made the comments during an interview with

It is hard to argue against Maurice Hawkins WSOP Circuit career. He owns 13 WSOPC gold rings and $1.7 million in circuit winnings. No player in WSOPC history can boast bigger accomplishments than the 39-year old resident of Plantation, Florida.

For his part, Maurice Hawkins boasts a solid career in live poker tournaments. He has $3.7 million in career winnings and collected 24 career titles and 221 career cashes since he turned pro in 2005.

Hawkins’ 2019 season is shaping up to be one of his best. He holds 43rd place in the Card Player Player of the Year race. Since the World Series of Poker is around the corner, Hawkins could boost his place in the standings at a time he’s got laser focus.

World Series of Poker Circuit Career

Of course, it’s the World Series of Poker Circuit events where Hawkins excels. That was the main subject of his interview with Card Player’s Erik Fast. Here are excerpts.

When asked about his boasts about being the greatest of all time at WSOPC, Hawkins said, “Oh, I’m the GOAT, period. I mean the thing about it, is if we’re talking about the circuit, I have the most rings, the most money earned, the most charisma and the most personality, the most known, the most table presence.”

Maurice Hawkins on Being “Mr. Most”

Hawkins added, “I’m the most. I’m Mr. Most. On the circuit, I’m Mr. Everything. I think that’s just a subset to my life. I think life is about knowing how to stay relevant and stay successful. I’m successful. Numbers prove I’m successful. I played big events. I got fourth in the WPT Borgata main event.”

Erik Fast asked how many WSOPC circuit rings Hawkins could win in a given year. The flamboyant card player replied that he could probably win “one ring per stop” and he plays six stops per year, so six was a realistic goal.

But he added that winning rings is not the ultimate goal, because money is king. Maintaining his money flow is the real goal. Hawkins said, “I just want to make $50,000 a stop. That’s really my goal.”

Not Focused on WSOPC Gold Rings

Hawkins only became cognizant of the WSOPC rings standings in the relatively recent past. Once a rival pointed out the totals, Hawkins realized the importance to other players. Then collecting more rings than anyone else became a point of pride.

He said of the WSOPC rings, “To be honest, I really didn’t give a damn about the rings until two or three years ago when I got second to a guy and then everybody was making a big deal out of it. And one guy told me, verbatim, ‘I’m glad you lost.’ Then I started to care because I saw how important it was to everyone else.”

Traditionally, his focus was on winnings. Hawkins added, “I’ve always set out just to make money. To make money, to blow money, to live on money. That’s just my goal.”

Record on PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

When asked about his more modest success on circuits like the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Maurice Hawks had an answer. He said, “I got 16th in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event. If I played the PCA everyday, I’d probably be the best at the PCA. But I play the circuit all the time. It’s just that I play that the most.”

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