Masks Now Compulsory in Caesars Properties

Face masks are now compulsory in every Caesars property in the United States.

You had better invest in some face masks if you are planning to visit any Caesars casinos because they’re now compulsory. Caesars Entertainment made the announcement on June 24 and included each and every one of its casinos.

The new policy came into effect the second Caesars made the announcement. Anyone refusing to wear a mask or who removes the one they’re wearing will be forced to leave the venue.

Tony Rodio of Caesars Entertainment explained the decision for mandatory protective masks.

“We promised that Caesars would continue to evaluate the latest recommendations, directives, and medical science regarding the COVID-19 public health emergency and modify our enhanced health and safety protocols accordingly. As a result, we are immediately requiring everyone in our properties to wear masks, because the scientific evidence strongly suggests that wearing masks and practicing social distancing may be the most important deterrents to spreading COVID-19 from person to person.”

Steps are in place to ensure everyone wears a mask at all times, although under 10s and those with breathing difficulties are exept.

The wearing of a mask was previously only compulsory for Caesars’ employees. Hotel and casino guests only had to wear a mask if playing at table games without plexiglass barriers installed.

No Caesars Property is Exempt From Wearing Masks

Every Caesars property in the United States must comply with the new face masks rules. It has casinos open in Arizona, California, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

Casears plans to reopen is casinos in Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Ontario, and Pennsylvania in the coming weeks. The new face masks rule applies here too.

Las Vegas casinos began reopening on June 4 and punters flocked back to those casinos accepting customers. Images and video footage of some venues on the famous Las Vegas Strip showed revelers in their thousands mingling and enjoying themselves. Hardly any wore face masks.

A plan was hatched to try get customers to wear protective masks at Caesars venues when they weren’t compulsory. Reports suggest employees randomly selected slots players wearing masks to receive $20 of free play. There’s no need to repeat this promotion following the rule changes.

Nevada Governor Forces Wearing of Masks in Public

It’s not only Casears properties in Las Vegas wear you need protective masks, it’s the entire state of Nevada. Governor Steve Sisolak signed a directing that requires everyone to wear masks in all indoor public places. The new directive also applies to outdoor spaces where it isn’t possible to social distance.

Sisolak explained his decision to enforce the wearing of masks.

“I don’t know why or when protecting our health and our neighbors’ lives became a political, partisan or even philosophical decision. For me it’s none of those. It’s a medical necessity, a human obligation, and it’s good for business. It works. I mean every responsible medical professional will tell you a mask helps reduce the spread of an infectious disease. Anyone who’s denying that is just denying reality.

COVID-19 Cases On The Increase In Nevada

The new masks rules come as Nevada continues to report steadily increasing conformed COVID-19 cases. May 4 saw 103 new confirmed cases. The infection figures remained in the region of 100 until June 4, however, May 22 saw 295 new cases confirmed.

June 5, the day after Vegas reopened some casinos, doctors diagnosed 195 new COVID-19 cases. That number has risen almost every day and hit 507 on June 24. That’s 5,593 new confirmed cases since June 4 when the state only has 13,535 cases since records began. Mathematicians among you know this is 41.32% of all confirmed coronavirus cases in Nevada came in the past three weeks.

Many doubt the World Series of Poker will go ahead this fall after being postponed. There’s no chance on Earth it will if the virus continues spreading at its current rate. Here’s hoping the compulsory face masks work and Vegas avoids another lockdown.

Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt

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