Justin Bonomo Wins Again, This Time $430,646

Justin Bonomo wins again, this time the GGPoker Super MILLION$

Justin Bonomo helped himself to a $430,646 score this week after becoming the latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ champion. Bonomo emerged victorious from a 213-strong field in the online poker site’s $10,300 weekly event.

The man originally from Fairfax, Virginia now resides in Vancouver, Canada. It is from this base that Bonomo reeled in yet another bankroll-boosting score.

Bonomo Wins the 35th Super MILLION$

Place Player Country Prize
1 Justin Bonomo Canada $430,646
2 RRomashka Russia $332,073
3 Nick Petrangelo Canada $256,063
4 OscarBrown Monaco $197,452
5 Artur Martirosian Russia $152,256
6 David Yan New Zealand $117,405
7 DaanOss Austria $90,532
8 Face-O Mexico $69,809
9 Niklas Astedt Canada $53,830

Day 1 saw the 213 starters whittled to the final table of nine. Those nine returned to their seat on February 10, with each guaranteed $53,830 for their efforts.

Niklas Astedt was the first player eliminated from the final table. This was Astedt’s ninth appearance at the Super MILLION$ final table and it ended in disappointment once again. He crashed out during the 30,000/60,000/7,500a level when Nick Petrangelo min-raised with Kh-Qc before calling when Astedt jammed for only 243,233 with Ac-Js. The board ran Qs-8d-6d-3d-Kd to bust Astedt.

“Face-O” busted in eighth for $69,809 when his jam from the button with Tc-Th for only 12 big blinds was called by “OscarBrown” in the small blind with Ac-Js. OscarBrown hit an unlikely flush on the 2s-Ks-5d-5s-8s board to bust Face-O.

The final seven became six with the elimination of “DaanOss” during the 35,000/70,000/8,500a level. DaanOss was all-in for 7.5 big blinds with Qh-Th, OscarBrwon was also all-in but for 10 big blinds with As-9s. Bonomo called both shoved from the big blind with Js-Ts. DaanOss busted and Oscar Brown tripled up courtesy of a 4d-2h-5d-Ac-6d board.

Battle of the Blinds Goes the Way of Bonomo

Sixth place and $117,405, the first six-figure prize of the evening, went to David Yan. The New Zealander suffered several losses before Petrangelo put him out of his misery. Yan raised to 389,200 with Ad-7s, leaving himself only 26,927 chips behind. RRomashka called in the small blind with Qd-Th before Petrangelo shoved for 3,124,778 with Ac-Qs. Yan called, but RRomashka folded. The 8s-6s-4d-6c-2c board didn’t come to Yan’s rescue and he crashed out.

The final table lost Artur Martirosian in fifth place after a battle of the blinds with Bonomo. Everyone folded to Bonomo in the small blind and he raised all-in with Ac-8s. Martirosian called off his 10 big blind stack with As-4h and busted when the five community cards fell 8c-6s-Td-Qd-6c.

OscarBrown, all the way from Monaco, ran out of steam in fourth-place. He min-raised to 280,000 on the button with Kd-Qh and RRomashka called in the big blind with Qs-8d. Both players paired their queen on the 6d-Qd-7d flop. RRomashka checked, OscarBrown bet 350,000 and called when RRomashka check-raised all-in for 2,409,322 effective. The 8d turn and 4s river completed the board and confirmed OscarBrown’s exit.

Heads-Up Set As Petrangelo Busts Out

Bonomo claimed the chip lead when he helped himself to Petrangelo’s stack. Petrangelo’s exit hand couldn’t have gone any other way. Bonomo raise from the button with As-Kc and RRomashka called with Qs-Jd. Petrangelo squeezed all-in for 17 big blinds with Kh-Js before Bonomo re-shoved. RRomashka saw enough and ducked out of the way. A 5c-8s-Td-5h-8d board sent Petrangelo home in third and the tournament into heads-up.

RRomashka qualified for this tournament via an $100 satellite and was now guaranteed $332,073. The Russian played a crazy, hyper-aggressive style throughout the tournament and it ultimately proved to be his undoing.

Bonomo limped on the button with 6h-5c and RRomashka checked with Kc-8h. RRomashka initially checked the 3d-Qh-6d flop but check-raised Bonomo’s 250,000 continuation-bet to 1,045,000. Bonomo called. RRomashka fired a pot-sized bet of 2,650,000 on the 6s turn and was called. The 4d turn saw RRomashka rip it on for 4,748,518 and Bonomo instantly call.

An impressive return on a $100 investment for RRomashka but a massive $430,646 score for Bonomo.

Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt

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