Jonathan Dokler Wins First Bracelet of the 2020 WSOP

Jonathan Dokler won the first bracelet of the 2020 WSOP, winning more than $130,000

Jonathan “Art.Vandelay” Dokler won the first bracelet of the 2020 WSOP and did so in style. Dokler collected $130,425 for his victory, which is the largest cash of his live and online poker career.

Word on the streets was the attendances for this series would be down on 2019 due to travel restrictions in place around the United States and the rest of the world. A bumper crowd of 1,195 unique players turned out for the first bracelet of the 2020 WSOP. They re-bought 520 times between them for a total crowd of 1,715 entries. This resulted in a $771,750 prize pool.

The money bubble burst during the 22nd level where blinds were 2,000/4,000/500a. Shawn “SayGoodNight” Daniels opened to 8,800 from early position with pocket fives. Darren “darrenelias” Elias three-bet jammed for 79,391 from the small blind with ace-king and Daniels called. The 6h-Qd-Qh flop kept the fives ahead, but Elias still had a ton of outs. The 4c wasn’t one and neither was the 2d river. Elias busted in 249th place and the race for the first bracelet of the 2020 WSOP was now well and truly on.

Former WSOP Main Event finalist Jesse “MrJesseJames” Sylvia was one star who reached the money. He fell in 137th for $1,003. Kate “Katelin” Lindsay, the wife of British star Chris Moorman, won the same sum.

Big Names Fall Short of the First Bracelet of the 2020 WSOP

Mike “mouth123” Matusow hit the headlines for the wrong reasons recently, but let his poker do the talking here. His tournament ended when he shipped in six big blinds with Kd-Qh and Ryan “Toosick” Tosc called with Ad-Tc. Neither player improved and Matusow fell in 44th place for $2,623.

Fifteen-time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth missed out on the first bracelet of the 2020 WSOP, falling in 11th place. The self-proclaimed “Poker Brat” looked down at Qc-Qd and three-bet all-in for 21 big blinds over a Daniels min-raise. Daniels tank-called with Ah-Ks and flopped a king to eliminate Hellmuth just short of the final table.

Taylor “ZeroTo100” Von Kriegenbergh was the final table’s first casualty. He busted at the hands of Justin “MadTitan” Turner before Mark “NostraDonkus” Liedtke crashed out.

“djp1006” and “ChefShap” ran out of steam in seventh and sixth place respectively, the latter winning $22,998.

Fifth-place and a cool $30,947 went to Michael “DDSpade” Balan. He jammed on the turn of the Td-Kh-4d-2d board with Qd-Ts and Dokler called with Kd-4h. The 3c completed the board and confirmed Balan’s demise.

Remember Daniels who busted Hellmuth? He was the fourth-place finisher. He three-bet all-in with Ad-Td and ran straight into the black kings of Tony “Panoramic” Dunst. Daniels flopped a flush draw but failed to hit any of his outs, thus, busting in fourth.

Dunst Busts; Heads-Up For the Bracelet

Dunst couldn’t put Daniels’ chips to good use and was the next player eliminated. Dunst min-raised to 560,000 with 9c-9d, Dokler responded with a raise to 1,800,000 and Dunst shoved. Dokler called the 9,450,881 bet and showed Ah-Kd. Everything was going swimmingly for Dunst until the Kh landed on the river. Game over for Dunst.

Dokler held a 19,599,176 to 6,125,824 chip lead over Justin “MadTitan” Turner and the first bracelet of the 2020 WSOP was in sight. It only took a few hands for Dokler to become the last man standing.

The final hand saw Turner open-shove for 4,765,824 (15 big blinds) with Ts-6s. Dokler called with 4s-4h and the five community cards fell 3d-5s-6c-2h-5d to conclude the tournament. The first bracelet of the 2020 WSOP was Dokler’s.

2020 WSOP Event #1 Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Jonathan “Art.Vandelay” Dokler $130,425
2 Justin “MadTitan” Turner $80,416
3 Tony “Panoramic” Dunst $57,881
4 Shawn “SayGoodNight” Daniels $42,060
5 Michael “DDSpade” Balan $30,947
6 “ChefShap” $22,998
7 “djp1006” $17,287
8 Mark “NostraDonkus” Liedtke $13,119
9 Taylor “ZeroTo100” Von Kriegenbergh $10,109

This is the largest prize won by Dokler, suprassing his recent $100,829 score in Atlantic City. Dokler won the $5,100 High Roller at the WPT Borgata Winter Open in January before the COVID-19 lockdown.

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