Chris Hunichen Among Early SHRB Champions

Chris Hunichen won a SHRB event on May 24 and padded his bankroll with almost $480,000

The first-ever Super High Roller Bowl (SHRB) Online festival shuffled up and dealt at partypoker on May 23. Three two-day events got underway and that trio of tournaments crowned their champions on May 24.

Dozens of the world’s greatest poker players compete in the SHRB throughout the year. The tournaments usually take place in a live setting, but the COVID-19 pandemic has put paid to that. partypoker stepped in to rescue to series and a 28-event, $20 million guaranteed series was born.

Each of the 28 events costs between $10,000 and $100,000 to enter and features a superb blind structure that allows the cream to rise to the top.

Chris Hunichen was the cream in the SHRB #02 – Super High Roller: $1M Gtd event. Fifty-four players exchanged $25,500 for the privilege of playing in this tournament. Those 54 entries created a $1,350,000 prize pool that the top seven finishers shared.

O’Dwyer Bursts SHR #02 Money Bubble

Steve O’Dwyer was the unfortunate soul who burst the money bubble. O’Dwyer’s exit meant the seven remaining players locked up $57,375.

This was the sum banked by Timothy Adams. The Canadian is a regular on the SHRB circuit and has a phenomenal record in them. Adams had to make do with seventh-place in this particular event.

Daniel Dvoress joined Adams on the rail after running out of steam in sixth place. Dvoress won one of these events in The Bahamas last year. He collected another $67,500 in the online poker world this time around.

Fifth place and $87,750 went to Rob Lipkin, an American now living in Costa Rica. Lipkin open-shoved for seven big blinds from the small blind with Jd-Th. Hunichen called in the big blind with Qd-9d. The five community cards fell Kh-7c-3s-4s-2d to send Lipkin home in fifth place.

Vicent Ramon, a UK-based Spaniard, saw his tournament abruptly in fourth-place. The Spaniard collected $131,625 when he made an ill-timed all-in bluff on the river of the 7h-2c-Ad-8c-Qh board with 5d-4h. Viktor Blom called with Tc-8h to reduce the player count by one.

Ireland’s Mark Davis fell next, also at the hands of Blom. Davis check-called on all streets of the 4c-9c-Ac-5s-6c board with Ah-3h. Blom fired all the streets with Kh-Kc, improving to a flush on the river.

Heads-up For Almost $480,000 and a SHRB Title

This gave Blom a 4,300,000 to 3,800,000 chip advantage over Hunichen going into heads-up. These two Goliaths of the game embarked on an epic one-on-one battle that was a joy to watch.

The chip lead exchanged hands several times before Hunichen began pulling ahead. Blinds were 40,000/80,000 at the time of the final hand. Hunichen opened to 200,000 and called when Blom three-bet to 640,000. A flop reading 4d-4c-2h saw Blom make a continuation-bet for 320,000 and Hunichen call.

Blom bet 640,000 on the Qd turn and Hunichen again called. The 4s river completed the board and Blom completed a triple barrel of bets, jamming for 1.3 million. Hunichen went deep into the tank and emerged with a call. Hunichen showed Ah-9c and Blom Js-7c for a complete bluff.

Blom busted in second-place for $320,625 and Hunichen banked $479,250 plus the SHRB #02 title.

It was an incredible way to conclude the biggest SHRB event of the series so far. It also gives a taste of what’s to come from these legends of poker.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Chris Hunichen Costa Rica $479,250
2 Viktor Blom Sweden $320,625
3 Mark Davis Ireland $205,875
4 Vicent Ramon United Kingdom $131,625
5 Rob Lipkin Costa Rica $87,750
6 Daniel Dvoress Canada $67,500
7 Timothy Adams Canada $57,375

Other SHRB Champions

Dutchman Jans Arends took down the $10,300 opening event for $216,600. Arends is known as “Graftekkel” in online poker circles where he crushes the opposition. He bested a final table that was home to the likes of Jake Schindler, Alex Foxen, and runner-up Ben Heath.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Jans Arends Netherlands $216,600
2 Ben Heath United Kingdom $148,200
3 Alex Foxen Canada $102,600
4 Jake Schindler Mexico $68,400
5 Sergi Reixach United Kingdom $53,200
6 Niklas Astedt Sweden $41,800
7 Juan Pardo United Kingdom $34,200
8 Christopher Fraser United Kingdom $26,600

Sergi Reixach won the third SHRB event of the night, banking $191,750 in the process. Reixach defeated Canadian superstar Mike Watson heads-up for the SHRB title. Watson collected $129,800 for second-place, the only other six-figure prize of the tournament.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Sergi Reixach United Kingdom $191,750
2 Mike Watson Canada $129,800
3 Andras Nemeth Hungary $87,025
4 Vicent Ramon United Kingdom $54,575
5 Juan Pardo United Kingdom $42,775
6 John O’Shea Ireland $33,925
7 Michael Addamo United Kingdom $28,025
8 Jon Van Fleet Canada $22,125
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