Geoffrey Hum Tops WPT Montreal Main Event Field

WPT Montreal Main Event champion Geoffrey Hum

Geoffrey Hum became a member of the Champions Club this weekend when he triumphed in the WPT Montreal Main Event. The Novia Scotia native, who now resides in Toronto, came out on top of a 1,109-strong field in the WPT Montreal Main Event. Hum banked a career-best $380,648 for his impressive victory.

This tournament had a slight twist thanks to WPT partnering with partypoker LIVE. Players had the opportunity to play Day 1 and Day 2 online at partypoker before making their way to the Playground Poker Club. More than 300 players entered online to help push the total attendance to 1,109 of which 159 received prize money.

Bubble Bursts in the WPT Montreal Main Event

The penultimate day started with 159 hopefuls vying for the trophy, all of whom were in the money. The money bubble burst on the previous night when Nadir Lalji’s ace-jack lost to John Schubert’s ace-queen.

Players busted left, right and center with only 10 players remaining by the time the curtain came down on Day 3. The payouts list read like a who’s who of poker, such is the draw of the WPT. Mike Sexton, Mike Sowers, Jeff Gross, Manig Loeser, and Mukul Pahuja all busted before the final table. As did Toby Lewis, Matt Salsberg, Ari Engel, Christian Harder, and Kitty Kuo.

$58 Million In Winnings

Some of the best poker tournament players in the world were among the final ten. More than $58 million worth of cashes between them is a figure that speaks for itself.

Jason Sagle busted in 10th place when his ace-ten proved no match for Mike Watson’s black queens. Sagle’s elimination set the unofficial final table as the official table is played six-handed.

Mike Leah was one of the favorites for victory but his luck ran out in a hand with Adedapo Ajayi. Leah pushed his last 11 big blinds into the middle holding ace-king. Ajayi called with the dominated ace-queen. Both players flopped an ace, but Ajayi caught a queen on the river. Leah’s WPT Montreal Main Event ended abruptly.

Michael Robar only had one recorded cash before WPT Montreal, cashing for $1,097. He now boasts of a $51,007 score after falling in eighth-place here. Again, Ajayi came from behind to bust an opponent. Robar was all in with tens and Ajayi looked him up with sixes. A six on the river improved Ajayi to a set and busted Robar in eighth.

Kelly Minkin saw her run in the WPT Montreal Main Event end in a seventh-place finish. Minkin open-shoved for 15 big blinds with ace-eight and Watson reshoved to isolate her. Everyone else folded and Watson revealed a pair of eights in the hole. Those snowmen refused to be melted and the official final table was set.

Joseph Cheong Leads as Final Table Begins

Joseph Cheong was the chip leader going into the final table. Cheong has more than $14.4 million in live cashes and millions more from the online poker world. It was Ajayi who struck first, however, his ace-queen prevailing against Martin Jacobson’s jack-ten. Jacobson paired his jack on the turn, but Ajayi hit a queen on the river to bust the former WSOP Main Event champion.

Five became four after a cooler of a hand sent Kristen Bicknell to the cashier’s desk. A preflop raising war resulted in Hum five-betting all-in and Bicknell calling. Bicknell, a partypoker pro, showed pocket kings and Hum aces. The aces held and Bicknell’s impressive WPT Montreal Main Event run ended.

Hum found another big pair to bust Watson in fourth-place. The chips went into the middle with Watson’s hopes pinned on ace-queen. Hum flipped over black queens. Watson hit a straight on the turn, but the board four flushed in spades and Hum won the hand.

The run good of Hum continued when his red eights flopped a set to crack Cheong’s jacks. Cheong did not improve and he headed away of the tournament floor while Hum claimed the chip lead.

Champion Crowned in Eight Hands

Hum held a 26,150,000 to 18,150,000 chip lead over Ajayi and it took only eight hands to finish the tournament.

The final hand was the 155th of the final table. Blinds were 150,000/300,000/300,000a and Ajayi opened to 800,000. Hum called and the dealer spread the 4h-6h-Kd flop. A check from Hum saw Ajayi bet 800,000 only for Hum to check-raise to 2,600,000. Ayaji raised to 6,900,000 before Hum moved all-in for 25,000,000, Ajayi called.

It was jack-nine of hearts for Ajayi and king-seven of hearts for Hum. The ace of hearts on the turn locked up the hand for Hum, rendering the river meaningless.

WPT Montreal Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Geoffrey Hum $380,648
2 Adedapo Ajayi $255,034
3 Joseph Cheong $179,126
4 Mike Watson $137,034
5 Kristen Bicknell $106,582
6 Martin Jacobson $83,743
7 Kelly Minkin $64,711
8 Michael Robar $51,007
9 Mike Leah $40,349

Hum’s victory takes his lifetime winnings to $432,134. he has the chance to win more because his prize included a $15,000 seat in the Tournament of Champions.

Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt

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