Huge $1.55M Score For UK’s Phil Mighall

Phil Mighall is the 2020 WPTWOC Main Event champion

Phil Mighall reached a World Poker Tour final table in Nottingham United Kingdom in November 2014. He fell in fifth place that day and won $75,198. The British pro found himself at another WPT final table yesterday, the WPT World Online Championship Main Event online at partypoker. There was no disappointing fifth-place finish, Mighall won it for $1,550,298.

Mighall entered the nine-handed final table second in chips, a position he’d been in many times. He’s won almost $3.2 million from online poker tournaments, final tables are not something new to Mighall.

It didn’t take long for the first finalist to bust, Laszlo Molnar being that player. Start of the day chip leader, Damian Salas, min-raised to 1,000,000 and Molnar three-bet to 4,000,000 with Ad-Jc. Victor Simionato four-bet to 7,000,000 with Js-Jd, and Salas ducked out of the way. Molnar moved all-in for 8,200,000 and Simionato called instantly. The queen-high board didn’t help Molnar and he busted in ninth-place for $127,386.

Finland’s Akseli Paalanen was the next to fall and in a substantial pot. Teun Mulder opened to 1,100,000 with Ad-Qs and Simionato three-bet to 3,800,000 with Qd-Qh in the small blind. Paalanen woke up with ace-king in the big blind and jammed for 22,600,000. Only Simionato called. Simonato’s queens held true and the tournament lost another player. Paalanen collected $153,672 for his deep run.

Mighall Guaranteed At Least $277,014 as Stevens Falls

Bert Stevens busted in seventh and walked away with $194,112. Stevens is better known by his “girafganger7” alias which has won more than $10 million. He found himself with a short stack of under 15 big blinds and in need of some help. Steven open-shoved with Qc-Th from the small blind and Blaz Zeraj called with As-5h. Ace-high was enough to win the pot and resign Stevens to a seventh-place finish.

Team partypoker’s Dzmitry Urbanovich fell in sixth for a $277,014 addition to his bankroll. The Polish superstar ultimately got his chips in good with Ah-Kc versus Mulder’s As-Qd. A queen on the flop sent Urbanovich the showers and reduced the player count by one.

Mighall wasn’t involved in many big pots but was maintaining his stack amidst the carnage going on around him. He laddered up another payout spot when Simionato crashed out in fifth. Simionato made a move on the river of the 9c-2c-5h-Kh-4h board with Qc-Jh. It was a ballsy move but one that was ill-timed because Zerjav’s Ac-3s made a straight on the river.

Game over for Simionato who scooped $391,257 from a $22 satellite entry! An incredible result.

Fourth-place and $552,006 went to Zerjav whose 13 big blind shove with 6h-6s couldn’t have gone much worse. Why? Because Mighall woke up in the big blind with Ks-Kc! Mighall flopped a set and Zerjav was drawing dead after the turn.

Heads-Up Set, Both Players Become Millionaires!

Salas’ impressive run ended in third-place and an $814,663 prize. He lost a huge coinflip with Ks-Qs versus Mighall’s 3s-3d. Salas looked set to double his stack after pairing his king on the flop and queen on the turn. A three on the river, however, scuppered those plans and sent him to the showers.

Mighall held a 124,600,000 chips to 75,200,000 lead over Mulder. Mulder clawed his way back into contention which is when they struck a deal. Mulder locked up $1,396,968 and Mighall $1,450,298. Whoever won the tournament secured an additional $100,000.

That $100,000 went to Mighall after an epic hand. It started with a raise to 3,500,000 with As-Ac from Mulder and a three-bet to 12,800,000 with Ts-7d from Mighall. Mulder called and the flop fell 9s-Ad-Jh, gifting Mulder top set. Mighall continued what was now a semi-bluff with a 12,800,000 bet that was called. The 8h turn improved Mighall to a straight and he shoved all-in. Mulder called off his 39,500,000 stack and needed the board to pair or an ace to stay in the tournament. The 2s completed the community cards, confirmed Mulder’s exit, and crowned Mighall as champion.

WPTWOC Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Phil Mighall United Kingdom $1,550,298*
2 Teun Mulder Netherlands $1,396,968*
3 Damian Salas Argentina $814,663
4 Blaz Zerjav Slovenia $552,006
5 Victor Simionato Brazil $391,257
6 Dzmitry Urbanovich Poland $277,014
7 Bert Stevens United Kingdom $194,112
8 Akseli Paalanen Finland $153,672
9 Laszlo Molnar Hungary $127,386

*reflects a heads-up deal

Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt

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