Four Dead After Shootout At Illegal Gambling Club

four men are dead and three others wounded after a shooting at an illegal gambling den in Brooklyn, New York.

A simple game of poker took a turn for the worse on October 12th and four men lost their lives. Four men died and three others wounded as gunmen opened fire in an illegal gambling den in Brooklyn.

The incident happened at around 7:00 a.m. and was over in seconds. Bystanders heard at least 15 shots fired at Triple A Aces catering hall on Utica Avenue in Crown Heights. Police officers attended, discovered the four bodies, a 9mm handgun, and a revolver. Ambulance crews took three wounded people to hospital where they are expected to fully recover.

This is the second mass shooting in Brooklyn in the last three months. It comes less than a week after a quadruple homicide in New York City.

Shooting at Illegal Gambling Haunt Claims Four Lives

Police named Terence Bishop, Chester Goode, John Thomas, and Dominick Wimbush as the four dead men. Experts are studying video camera surveillance and piecing together ballistic reports to figure out what happened.

Initial reports claim Goode started the altercation at the illegal gambling den by firing his handgun into the ceiling. He ordered everyone to the floor before Wimbush, a security guard, attempted to stop the violence by shooting at Goode. Goode died from a single gunshot to the head and Wimbush also perished in the shootout.

Three other patrons suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds while someone else suffered a broken leg while attempting to flee the illegal gambling venue. Any loss of life is bad, but the incident could have been worse as up to 20 people were in the cramped venue at the time of the shooting.

Samuel “Sammy” Revells owns the property, yet he denies any wrongdoing and claims he knew nothing of the illegal gambling.

“The cops told me they died with their guns in their hands. It’s a real bad-ass situation we have here, bad for everyone. The three guys had been playing for more than an hour, and they were losing money. There was some big money there, even though it was a crime scene, there were some hundred-dollar bills still lying on the floor.”

The New York Post reported the scene was strewn with playing cards, money, and blood. A poker hand displaying king-queen was on the table.

Dermot F. Shea, the New York Police Chief of Detectives said, “At this point what it appears to be, is an illegal gambling location set up inside that first floor location.” He also revealed police had received no complaints in recent years about the venue.

Venue Owner Knows Nothing of Illegal Gambling Activity

Club owner Revells denied all knowledge of illegal gambling activity at the venue. Revells believed his tenant used his property for family functions.

“I thought they were having birthday parties, things for funerals in there. In the two years since I leased it we haven’t had any problems, no police.”

Online records indicate the illegal gambling den has no business or liquor license; police said it did not appear patrons had consumed alcohol. Complaints were made in November 2008 about the venue being converted into a night club.

Community Advocate Tony Herbert said, “It seems like this place has been around for a while, operating under the radar.”

Although Herbert said the illegal gambling club had been “operating under the radar” locals claim the area is a hotbed for gangs and crime. Jose Torres lives nearby and claims police responded to a brawl outside the club only three weeks ago.

Another wished to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from the club’s operators. They said the place was a well-known illegal gambling spot that operated around the clock with impunity.

Borough President Eric Adams called for increased funding for Crown Heights and nearby Brownsville. Twelve people were shot at a block party in Brownsville in July. At least two gunmen opened fire on revelers during the 56th annual Old Timers Day block party. One man died and 11 others wounded in what appeared to be gang-related. No evidence suggests this latest shooting involved gangs, perhaps a failed robbery of an illegal gamble location.

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