Darren Elias Bags $450K Score Online in Week 1

Darren Elias won almost $450,000 during the first week of 2021

Darren Elias got 2021 off to a flying start by helping himself to a massive $448,842 prize this week. Elias took down the $10,300 buy-in Super MILLION$ at GGPoker for one of the biggest scores of his career.

The 34-year-old hails from Philadelphia but played this online poker tournament from Canada. Elias holds the record for most World Poker Tour titles having won four of them.

  • The 2014 Borgata Poker Open for $843,744
  • The 2014 WPT Caribbean for $127,680
  • The 2017 Fallsview Poker Classic for $335,436
  • The 2018 Bobby Baldwin Classic for $387,580

He is best known for his live poker prowess because of his WPT record and his $7,755,509 in winnings. But Elias is an accomplished online grinder, one with almost $6.6 million in earnings. This is how claimed his latest victory.

Camosci Leads The Final Table; Elias Fourth

Seth Davies was the first player eliminated from the final table despite starting in sixth-place. Davies lost the majority of his stack with pocket sixes to Aleks Ponakovs’ tens before losing his now super short stack to start-of-the-day chip leader Enrico Camosci.

Belgium’s Bert Stevens won this tournament recently but had to make do with eighth-place this time round. He came unstick jamming 13 big blinds from the button with king-queen. This move would ordinarily win the blinds, but not on this occasion. Rui Ferreira woke up in the small blind with pocket jacks. Ferreira flopped a set and Stevens crashed out.

The last five-figure prize went to the aforementioned Ponakovs. Camosci turned a flush with his three-deuce of hearts while Ponakovs caught top pair. Camosci over-bet shoved the river and Ponakovs called off his stack. Ponakovs can’t be faulted for calling the all-in bet because Camosci was playing an unconventional style.

United Kingdom-based Spaniard Adrian Mateos ran out of steam in sixth-place, a finish worth $122,366. Ferreira was the man who sent Mateos to the showers. The hand started with a min-raise from Camosci with pocket threes. Ferreria called on the button with ace-king before Niklas Astedt called with deuces in the small blind. Mateos ripped in his stack with a pair of tens in the hole and only Ferreira called. The door card was an ace and Mateos never caught up.

Ferreira Goes From Hero to Zero

That hand catapulted Ferreira into the lead yet he was the next player out of the door. Nothing went right for him and he had to make do with a $158,689 payout. He had less than four big blinds when he busted at the hands of Astedt. Ferreira shoved with jack-five and Astedt called with the dominating ace-jack. The board provided no reprieve for Ferreira and he exited stage left.

Amazingly, Elias was still one of the chip leaders despite not sending any opponents to the rail. He climbed up another pay jump when Camosci’s impressive run ended in a fourth-place finish. Camosci jammed 1,444,667 into a 960,000 pot with nothing but queen-high on an eight-high flop. Astedt snap-called thanks to him flopping a set. Te set held and Camosci crashed out.

Heads-up was set when Ami Barer fell by the wayside in third. Elias raised slightly more than a min-raise and called when Barer three-bet all-in with pocket seven. Elias flipped over ace-queen, turned a queen and busted Barer.

Astedt held a 14,160,341 to 8,039,659 lead over Elias but the contest was far from over. Elias clawed his way level before opening a slight lead for himself. The final hand saw the chips go into the middle preflop. Astedt min-raised to 700,000 with pocket queens and Elias ripped it in for 12,078,400 with ace-seven. Astedt called and busted courtesy of Elias catching top pair on the turn, again.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Darren Elias Canada $448,842
2 Niklas Astedt Canada $346,104
3 Ami Barer Canada $266,833
4 Enrico Camosci Tunisia $205,795
5 Rui Ferreira Brazil $158,689
6 Adrian Mateos United Kingdom $122,366
7 Aleks Ponakovs Latvia $94,357
8 Bert Stevens Mexico $72,759
9 Seth Davies Canada $56,105

*countries as displayed in the GGPoker lobby

This was Elias’ second Super MILLION$ title. He won it in June 2020 for $393,262. This latest victory won’t be his last if his WPT record is anything to go by. Elias truly is one of poker’s superstars.

Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt

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