Daniel Smyth Turns $33 Satellite Win Into $430K

Daniel Smyth won the WPT Knockout Championship for $430,000 after winning his seat in a $33 satellite!

Every poker tournament player keeps an eye on their Return On Investment (ROI). It’s a solid indicator of how they’re performing and their profitability. Ireland’s Daniel Smyth gave his ROI a massive boost on August 18 by becoming a WPT champion.

Winning a major tournament always boosts a player’s ROI. Smyth, however, saw his increase dramatically. This is because he won his way into the $3,200 buy-in WPT Knockout Championship via a satellite. He went on to take down the tournament for almost $430,000 in total!

Smyth started the nine-handed final table fourth in chips and surrounded by poker’s stars. Joao Maureli was the chip leader, he won his $3,200 seat in a ticket drop promotion after winning a $22 buy-in tournament earlier in the month.

Brazil’s Matheus Resende was the first casualty of the final table. He three-bet all-in with Qd-Qs after fellow Brazilian Maureli opened with Ac-Ks. Maureli called, flopped a king and sent his fellow countryman to the showers.

Shengis Satubayev was the next player who fell. This was his second WPTWOC Championship final table of the series. He committed his last six big blinds with Kc-8h and lost to the As-6s of Pedro Marques.

Disaster Strikes For Smyth

Smyth lost a massive coinflip with Ah-Kh versus Pim Gieles’ Js-Jc. The hand left Smyth nursing a 10 big blind stack and in desperate need of a double-up. His short stack whittled to 5.7 big blinds and he was in trouble. Artur Martirosian min-raised to 800,000 with As-3s and called when Smyth jammed for 2,300,000. Smyth turned over Kd-8c and flopped a king to double his stack.

Former WSOP Main Event champion Ryan Riess busted in seventh. It was Smyth who busted the 2013 Main Event winner. Smyth open-pushed for 11 big blinds on the button with Jc-Tc. Riess called off his last 4,200,000 in the big blind with 7d-7s. The flop came with three clubs and that flush held to send Riess to the rail.

Artur Maritosian crashed out a couple of hands later. His As-Ts proved to be no match for Marques’ 8d-8h. Smyth went from looking most likely to bust to being back in contention for the title.

The final five became four when Marques ran out of steam. The Croatia-based Portuguese star opened the betting with Ad-Js before calling off his remaining 15 big blinds when Germany’s Manig Loeser set him all-in. The German turned over the dominating As-Qc and won thanks to a queen on the turn.

Loeser Busts Another Foe

Loeser sent Gieles to the showers in fourth-place. The chips went in preflop, Loeser with Ah-Ts and Gieles holding As-7d. Both players flopped an ace, but Gieles couldn’t find a seven. Game over for the Dutch youngster.

Heads-up was set when Maureli’s tournament ended abruptly in third-place. Maureli moved all-in for 14,200,000 from the small blind with As-4s. Smyth instantly called in the big blind with Qc-Qs. The five community cards ran out ten-high and Maureli headed into the night.

Loeser held a nearly two-to-one lead over Smyth but the Irishman clawed his way level. Smyth took the lead before Loeser wrestled it from him once again. Smyth flopped a set of deuces and got paid off to put the ball firmly in his court.

The final hand saw Loeser push all-in for 14 big blinds with 8d-7d. Smyth called after much deliberation with Ks-9h. The board ran Ts-As-4c-9d-4d to see Smyth turn his $33 into a colossal prize.

He won $208,803 from the main prize pool plus $204,588 worth of bounties. The champion also secured a $15,000 seat in the Tournament of Champions, plus flights and accommodation. Not a bad return from a $33 satellite entry!

WPT Knockout Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize Bounties
1 Daniel Smyth Ireland $208,803 $204,588
2 Manig Loeser United Kingdom $208,492 $70,866
3 Joao Maureli Brazil $142,061 $32,449
4 Pim Gieles Netherlands $95,502 $23,478
5 Pedro Marques Croatia $66,687 $22,382
6 Artur Martirosian Russia $47,281 $16,593
7 Ryan Riess Canada $29,699 $18,562
8 Shyngis Satubayev Kazakhstan $23,504 $750
9 Matheus Resende Brazil $19,483 $13,242
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