Chess Grandmaster Ladva Turns $530 Into $525K

Ottomar Ladva defeated Justin Bonomo to win the Super High Roller 6-Max event for $525,000

Ottomar Ladva has $525,089 reason to be happy today after he won the MILLIONS Online 6-Max High Roller event at partypoker. Ladva is a chess grandmaster who hails from Estonia. He won his seat in the $25,500 Super High Roller via a relatively small $530 satellite.

Seven players made it to the final table and five of them walked away with six-figure prizes. Ami Barer’s time at the final table was short-lived because he busted in seventh place.

Barer’s demise came during the 100,000/200,000/25,000a level. He open-shoved for 3,228,859 with As-Ks and Bujtas Laszlo called with Qc-Qs. The five community cards ran 9h-Ts-4d-6d-7h, missing Barer’s ace-king and resigning him to the $75,781 seventh-place prize.

Brock Wilson joined Barer on the rail shortly after and collected $90,589. Wilson decided to get tricky with Ts-Td when the action folded to him in the small blind. Wilson limped for 300,000 before calling Laszlo’s raise to 1,050,000, which Laslzo made with 6d-4h. The flop fell 5c-3d-Js and Wilson check-called a 767,250 bet from Laszlo. The 2s turn saw Wilson check-call a 2,400,000 bet from Laszlo, who improved to a straight. Wilson caught the Th on the river to give him a set at the worst possible time. Laszlo set Wilson all-in when he checked to him, and Wilson called it off. Good game.

Ladva Eliminates Fellow Estonian Ponakovs

Ladva scored his first elimination at the final table and fellow Estonian Aleksejs Ponakovs was the man he bust. Ponakovs jammed for 2,438,504 from the small blind with 9h-8s, or a shade over eight big blinds. Ladva called from the big blind with Jc-Td to put his fellow countryman at risk. A final board reading 4s-7s-Tc-Ts-7c was not what Ponakovs needed. Ponakovs fell in fifth-place for a $114,839 addition to his bankroll.

Fourth place and $152,275 went to Laszlo. He min-raised from the button to 800,000 with Ac-Td. Justin Bonomo three-bet all-in for 17,418,856 from the big blind with 3d-3c and Laszlo called off the 10,115,002 chips he had behind. Laszlo won a key coinflip against Barer but lost to Bonomo courtesy of a 4d-Qs-6c-9d-Qd board.

Team partypoker pro Jason Koon crashed out in third for $212,835. Koon only had 228,979 chips after posting the 500,000 big blind. These went into the middle with Qs-5h after Bonomo raised to 1,000,000 with 7s-6s. Koon hit a five on the flop, but Bonomo caught running spades on the Js-Ac-5c-8s-Ts board.

Bonomo held a 47,092,837 to 22,907,163 chip advantage over Ladva. Bonomo is also one of the best poker players on the planet, but Ladva never gave up. Ladva claimed the chip lead for himself before losing it again. He, however, got the job done eventually.

Checkmate: From $530 to $525,089

The final hand took place during the 500,000/1,000,000/125,000a level. Bonomo completed the small blind with Qh-Js before calling a 3,500,000 raise from Ladva, made with Ac-Jc. A Jh-5c-9h flop saw Ladva bet 2,392,500 and Bonomo call. Ladva greeted the Tc turn with a 7,000,000 bet into the 12,035,000 pot. Bonomo responded with a raise all-in worth 22,327,000, and Ladva called. The 5s landed on the river, sending Bonomo to the showers with 327,468 in tow. Ladva reeled in a cool $525,089 and the title of champion.

MILLION Online 6-Max Super High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Ottomar Ladva Estonia $525,089
2 Justin Bonomo Canada $327,468
3 Jason Koon Canada $212,835
4 Bujtas Laszlo Hungary $152,275
5 Aleksejs Ponakovs Estonia $114,839
6 Brock Wilson Mexico $90,589
7 Ami Barer Canada $75,781

Ladva has played plenty of poker before but increased his volume during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the cancellation of chess tournaments. He won $248,168 in August 2019 when he triumphed in a €550 buy-in event at EPT Barcelona. This latest haul will not be his last.

Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt

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