AAAArthur Becomes a Millionaire From an $11 Satellite

The Sunday Million champion became a millionaire from an $11 satellite entry

Brazil’s “AAAArthur” became a poker millionaire when they won the 14th Anniversary Sunday Million at PokerStars. AAAArthur walked away with an incredible $1,192,802 as part of a four-handed deal. The fact they won their seat in the tournament via an $11 satellite made the victory even sweeter.

The special edition Sunday Million had a $12.5 million guarantee attached to it. Some 93,016 players bought in for $200+$25 by the time late registration closed, they created a $18,603,200 prize pool.

Day 3, the final day, saw 91 players return to the action, each hoping to become a millionaire. Original payouts reserved seven-figure scores for the top two finishers. $1,509,390 was going to the champion and $1,031,584 to the runner-up.

“meandmyarrow” led the final 91 and was on course to become a millionaire. They came unstuck when they led out on the 2c-6c-9h flop and 2d turn before shoving all-in on the Js river. “AlexHoldz” called all the way, including the shove, and showed Qc-Qd. The start-of-the-day chip leader revealed 7d-5d and busted in 39th place for $15,680. Their executioner went on to finish fifth for $329,356. Funny how one single hand can changes the course of a poker tournament.

salonteskis and AlexHoldz Lead Race To Become a Millionaire

AlexHoldz put those chips to good use and entered the final table second in chips. Lithuania’s “salonteskis” held the lead, albeit by one big blind. Neither went on to become a millionaire.

AAAArthur started the final table with only four big blinds, yet wasn’t the first player eliminated. He managed to build his stack to a level that allowed him to bust “D3cor” in ninth-place for $71,869.

“pokerfrance”, “tweny1” and “Jully-19” all busted and won between $105,154 and $225,108. AlexHoldz’s king-jack lost to the king-queen of “CrAzY_sTeFaN” and banked $329,356.

The final four players paused the tournament clock to discuss a deal. An ICM deal was struck that meant only one player would become a millionaire, but they all secured life-changing amounts.

Lithuania’s “salonteskis” led the final table for a long period but fell in fourth-place. This weighed in at $826,919 thanks to the deal. Third-place and $786,873 went to the United Kingdom’s “caroline2963”.

This left CrAzY_sTeFaN and AAAArthur to fight it out heads-up for the title of a millionaire. The final hand saw AAAArthur raise than call CrAzY_sTeFaN’s shove. It was pocket deuces for AAAArthur and fives for CrAzY_sTeFaN. AAAArthur flopped a full house, which held to bust CrAzY_sTeFaN in second-place for $921,328. AAAArthur won the tournament and become a millionaire thanks to the $1,192,802 won!

14th Anniversary Sunday Million Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 AAAArthur Brazil $1,192,802.46*
2 CrAzY_sTeFaN Romania $921,328.12*
3 caroline2963 United Kingdom $786,873.65*
4 salonteskis Lithuania $826,919.68*
5 AlexHoldz Croatia $329,356.63
6 Jully-19 Cyprus $225,108.02
7 tweny1 Romania $153,854.04
8 pokerfrance Germany $105,154.58
9 D3cor Lithuania $71,869.74

*reflects a four-handed deal

Online Poker Is Booming

This event was a special edition, hence the ridiculous payouts, but online poker is booming. Tens of thousands of poker players are victims of the ongoing coronavirus, some are infected, most are being forced to isolate to help prevent the virus from spreading.

Americans can’t play at PokerStars yet, unless they live in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. They can, however, play at some fantastic online poker sites that are packed with value.

Business is booming for online poker sites around the world and that’s going to happen in the U.S. too. Las Vegas is already on lock down and it won’t be long until huge areas, even entire states, are too. Our cousins in the UK are currently on lock down with poker players flocking to play online.

If you are looking for an online poker site, look no further than here.

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Matthew Pitt

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