800-522-4700 Banks Almost $2.2 Million and WSOPC Ring

800-522-4700 is the latest player to win a WSOPC ring online, his came with almost $2.2 million

An online poker player from Costa Rica calling themselves “800-522-4700” won $2,1998,291 on May 17. They also secured a WSOP Circuit ring for their troubles and a place in GGPoker’s history books. The colossal prize is the largest awarded at GGPoker, and one of the biggest in online poker history.

The 800-522-4700 alias is quite ironic as it’s the telephone number for The National Council of Problem Gambling. It’s slightly naughty and a little tongue-in-cheek, but now you have the helpline number if you need it.

Some 505 players bought in for $25,000 and created a $12,372,500 prize pool. The top 72 finishers received a slice of the prize money, but the big money waited at the final table.

Each of those nine finalists locked up at least $183,189 for their efforts. 800-522-4700 entered the final table second in chips with a stack of 4,716,060. Only Team partypoker pro Patrick “Babu$hka” Leonard had a larger stack.

800-522-4700 Second In Chips at the Final Table

Leonard struck first blood by sending “Sub_Zero” to the rail in ninth place. The action folded to Leonard in the small blind and he raised all-in. Sub_Zero called off his 16 big blind stack with pocket nines and was against ace-three. An ace on the flop and another on the turn busted Sub_Zero in ninth.

“HotPot44” busted two opponents in quick succession. “gaufreancienne” of Brazil was the first. The Brazilian raised and called all-in with pocket queens. HotPot44 woke up with aces and that was the end of gaufreancienne.

“AlwaysWithNuts” was the second player HotPot44 busted. AlwaysWithNuts made a play with eight-seven and HotPot44 looked them up with king-ten. A king on the flop was more than enough to reduce the player count by one.

Sixth-place and a huge $465,154 went to “mm1993” who fell at the hands of 800-522-4700. mm1993 open-shoved for 14 big blinds with pocket fours. 800-522-4700 reshoved with pocket eights to isolate the all-in player. It worked, the fours failed to melt the snowmen, and mm1993 was no more.

800-522-4700 started pulling away from the rest of the player after sending “M0therLover” home in fifth. M0therLover open-shoved with king-queen and 800-522-4700 called in the big blind with the dominating ace-king. Neither player’s hand improved, 800-522-4700’s hand didn’t need to and $634,592 made its way to M0therLover.

Heads-Up Set: 800-522-4700 Leads Two-to-One

Canada’s “BlackPhillip” felt the wraith of 800-522-4700 to crash out in fourth for $865,750. HotPot44’s tournament ended abruptly in third-place soon after. Third-place money weighed in at $1,181,110.

Heads-up saw 800-522-4700 start with a two-to-one chip lead over Leonard. Leonard just couldn’t seem to claw his way back into contention.

The final hand took place during the 150,000/300,000/45,000a level. 800-522-4700 limped in, Leonard shoved for 4,755,644, and was instantly called. Leonard flipped over ace-four but 800-522-4700 held a pair of kings in the hole. A board reading Qh-Jh-4s-7c-Tc was no help for Leonard.

Although disappointed not to win, Leonard padded his bankroll with a cool $1,611,342. The champion, however, netted a ridiculous $2,198,291 and a WSOP Circuit ring!

WSOPC Ring Event #8: High Roller Championship Final Table

Place Player Country Prize
1 800-522-4700 Costa Rica $2,198,291
2 Patrick “Babu$hka” Leonard United Kingdom $1,611,342
3 HotPot44 Canada $1,181,109
4 BlackPhillip Canada $865,749
5 M0therLover Thailand $634,591
6 mm1993 China $465,154
7 AlwaysWithNuts Russia $340,956
8 guafreancienne Brazil $249,919
9 Sub_Zero Croatia $183,189

The WSOP choosing GGPoker as its online poker partner for this series came as a shock. WSOP has 888poker as its official online poker partner and its own Nevada software is powered by 888 software.

Also, it partnered with partypoker LIVE for some European events. The decision looks to be vindicated with a $25,000 buy-on event attracting such a massive crowd.

Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt

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