Future for Young Poker Players in the US – Beyond 2021

Young internet kids in the recent years since online poker was more or less abolished in the United States have turned to the live arena to try out their skills. This is a massive jump for almost all online internet kids, but also it is a completely different game, and also much easier game. A $1/$2 game in a casino is 100% different from the online game. The aggression levels are way lower and the betting is way different. Also, in a casino the $1/$2 game plays basically like a .05/.10 cent game online. The difference is one has a buy-in of $200-$300 and the other has a buy-in of $10. The money translates a ton differently in the live game than it does online and for that reason alone the swings are different, and the games play differently.

With different money translations there is different play, different styles of players, and a completely different game. The game however is far easier, but you will not make as much money live as you could potentially make online. This is because one bad hand in a live game significantly effects a poker session determining whether it will be a winning one or a losing one.

Online Play in the Future

In the next year or so, or even by the end of the 2012 year, there will certainly be something in place as for what to move forward on. The main reason that online play came to a halt was online companies became corrupt in the way they handled players funds, and also they hid money from the government, and did a number of fraudulent things. When the government comes to terms and allows online poker play again, it will truly thrive and the industry will be right back where it was in 2010.

The trust of many players especially those who played on Full Tilt Poker have been hurt in a big way and most young online kids lost tons of money because of it. This is a very disheartening thing to deal with, but in the future the online poker world will change for the better. Changing for the better basically means that poker will be back to where it was. There are too many young players who love the game, and too many players who have gained a significant knowledge of poker for it to not thrive once again.

It is more or less a waiting game as to who will rise as a big poker site in the states again. Nobody really knows how long this process will be and nobody knows who will be the big site, but it will happen, it is only a matter of time. There is too much money out there for people to not do it.

Legal Issue of Online Poker

Whether online poker is legal or not has been in question for years since playing poker online first came to be. If websites would have approached the situation differently when poker first started out then today it would have not been a problem, but the fact is that sites didn’t approach online poker the correct way. All of the sites out there were pretty much very corrupt in the way they handled poker player’s funds except for PokerStars.

When poker is legalized in the United States and accepted to be alright, you will see great changes. There will be taxes on winnings, and more closely followed statistics by the United States government. It is only a matter of time and money as to determine when poker is back in full swing again. Once it comes back it will flourish once again, and we will enter the golden age for online poker. With millions of players out there the games will be great and there will be tons of money to be made.


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