What WSOP Promo Codes Are Available?

Updated February 2, 2017 at 3:18pm by Savanah

We have just been given the first bonus code for the WSOP’s (World Series of Poker) online poker room.  Codes have been issued by “Caesars Affiliates” – the ex-marketing company sourced with Casesars Entertainment, owner of the WSOP which produces these codes for their affiliates and onward to players.  Please see below in yellow and red highlight for exact details.

The in-house marketing company for the WSOP (based in Israel, a subsidiary of 888poker) have responded to our requests for the past year and now have codes for you in New Jersey and Nevada.  The primary code is USPOKER and entered at bonus.wsop.com

I also write this page to warn of any fraudulent promotion bonuses that have already begun floating around.  There are many bogus ones offering fraudulent bonuses or no bonuses. We retained first access and all verification of this WSOP bonus is backed by Caesars Entertainment and me, the owner of this site to be legit.

Enter New Jersey Code:  USPOKER
All players to the WSOP NJ using this code will receive 100% up to $400 deposit bonus. This bonus code also gives you access to $10 in free money to test the software. A ticket for a $100 freeroll will be given to you daily – automatically.
Visit www.bonus.wsop.com to enter code for NJ bonuses

Note:  To be valid for bonus you must have not downloaded the software yet, or you must re-install it at bonus.wsop.com.  A pain, but worth the bonuses.

Enter Nevada Citizens Code:  USPOKER
All players to WSOP NV using the code are valid for the same 100% up to $400 bonus as with NJ. You also get 7 free $100 freeroll tickets. You will not receive the instant $10 free nor the $250k tournament ticket due to state restrictions.
Visit www.bonus.wsop.com for these promotional NV bonuses

Note:  To be valid for bonus you must have not downloaded the software yet, or you must re-install it at bonus.wsop.com.  A pain, but worth the bonuses.

The WSOP is sending out quite a bit of additional promo codes by mail. In the newsletters they have reload bonuses and generally a few tournament tickets so it’s best not to delete these without reading.

wsop bonus

My Review of WSOP

I downloaded the software the day it opened, September 19th.  I must admit, I’ve been pretty impressed aside from my continued despise for the brand behind the dismantling of poker in the US pre-2014 through anti-online poker lobbying efforts (so they could build their site with limited competition).  In fact, I was just looking at Casesars (they own the WSOP) stock prices.  It’s hard not to buy stock for a company that owns the best brand in poker, killer software, and the 2nd site to get a license in Nevada.  The deck is all lined up for the WSOP poker room to get big.  The poker software is not archaic like I was expecting.  Here is an image of the software.  You can see a small bug on the ’10’ on the flop.  Nothing big, the corner of the card was just glitchy.

wsop table

The site plays slow
The way the software spreads the flop is pretty slow. Personally, I do not like sites that “slow roll” their flops. Unless their is some psychological reason to turn the cards slowly, speed that up WSOP. That time ads up and makes the game have a slow feel.

I love the sounds
This sounds really stupid but think of the poker sites that you like most and listen to the sounds of the chips. Unless you’re at work and have the sound turned down, ahem, then you’ll like the chip sounds and interactions. It makes you want to play just watching.

The freerolls haven’t started but WTF guarantees?
The seven freerolls started on October 6th, 2013. Not a ton of people really play on the site yet so if you are into freerolls now would be the time to create a bankroll from freerolling.

The guarantee tournaments seem to have a massive overlay possibility. There is a $15,000 guaranteed tournament today in 16 hours and not one person has registered. See the picture.

wsop lobby tournament overlay

Nobody is playing at many of the Sit and Go’s yet so nothing to comment on there.  There is a long wait for a table to even get started.

The marketing and bonus department changes
I have spoken with Uffiliates affiliate management team Itay, and Yigal through email along with the WSOP marketing department.  The following terms seem to absolve any promotion codes as of now, but instead passed on to the team – Caesars Marketing, located in Israel.

The WSOP casino and poker brands were removed from the Uffiliates affiliate platform on March 1st 2013 and that your agreement with Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Limited, for the promotion of the WSOP brands is consequently be terminated. From this date forwards affiliates will no longer be able to promote WSOP brands under Uffiliates, however any additional agreements you may have in effect with us for the promotion of other brands through Uffiliates will remain unaffected. Promotion will now be operated though Caesarsaffiliates.com.

The site is still less than a year young, but the software is looking promising. The traffic may not have flooded in but the World Series of Poker broadcasted the ‘main event’ on TV and they have surpassed all other sites and are now the largest (player traffic still weak). In five years from now the site will be larger than the lottery, that’s just my prediction. It will take off like the lottery where we have 44 states with it (not online) but one can easily suspect half the states to allow pacts with the WSOP. I can see the WSOP.com being the leader from here on out, potentially getting bigger than PokerStars if international agreements are met.

On that note, here is a video that the American Gambling Association is going to use to push propaganda about ‘legal poker’ with the Hollywood darkside of the offshore gambling industry. It was an interesting movie, but obvious propaganda.

Reviewed by Savanah Lavinder